SoS077 - A loaf of bread


A loaf of bread and the tiny golden Book

I see a path and in the distance Jesus is coming towards me; he is carrying something and as I clear my mind and concentrate

I see it is a loaf of bread, a round crusted one too; I really like the crust on them its one of my favourite loaves

I see him embrace me and break a big piece off and also one for him, he says; a conscious state merges with other conscious states but only like consciousness; There is no harm in expanding and making friends as you are the beacon of light and way shower so do what you think will spread the light and awaken others; now go on your path

I see us take a bite from our bread and nod in agreement of the taste of it and a big smile too

I see myself heading off with my piece of bread taking bites on the way; I loved the crustiness and crunch

I see the path is green and like a leaved paved path; it was more like walking in the jungle but with no trees but leaves all over the ground, with a big expansiveness of blue sky above

I see myself being at piece as I go above a flight of stairs, first time in my visions and come across another section of the path but this time brown leaves on the path

I see myself bending down to touch the leaves and they were indeed real, but slight bigger variety; some were as big as my head and some very tiny too, so a colourful shades of autumn

I see myself staying there for a while and just touching the leaves and finishing my piece of bread; I was enjoying the moment then

I see a leaf floating towards me in a perfect flight path and land in beside me

I see it is a small book, the length of my thumb; it has a golden cover and locked with a key hole; such a tiny book and yet it has a lock I thought to my self; I turn to look at the back and

I see a mark or emblem, it is not mine, never seen before and I am difficulty recognising it; as I concentrate my sight it is becoming clearer, the emblem consists of two palm trees leaning and overlapping each other

I see a bunch of dates from the tree but only one bunch, then around with a black shield border; Inside there is a diamond star, a sun which is a yellow stone and rectangular strands of mother of pearl inlaid in the emblem; There is also another book which is an open book, made of white stone, opal perhaps yes it is opal

I see a bird flying above in the emblem carrying something, in fact the bird is a stork and carrying a baby; yes it is a baby, so tiny the emblem is I really have to look and concentrate

I see the book is closed and breaking it open is not the way; I will bide my time I thought to myself and placed the tiny book in my shirt pocket

I see myself getting up and I suddenly fall down, twice it happened and I thought to myself, why do I keep slipping

I see myself sitting down until

I see another leaf this time it is green landing in front of me, again a straight trajectory path

I see a key it is a really tiny key, I knew instantly it must be the key to the book; I immediately take the key out and it fits, turn and open the lock and open the book

I see and turn every page but it is empty and wondered what kind of book is this, until I come to the last page, it reads

‘’KNOWING is a connection with the Divine and it is an acceptance of all forms of the WORD; The WORD encompasses all Divine KNOWING of GOD the Master of all Universes

To KNOW is to surrender the WILL of oneself and empty all knowledge acquired during ones life to make way for a greater knowledge in KNOWING

A student wishing to learn must hold no connections or bonds other then GOD; he or she must have one focus and one path in finding GOD; This is the WAY

To KNOW fulfils ones own life path and build upon a platform for future awakening in each realm of higher existences

The realm of existence is a realm of KNOWING and insightfulness and conquering of ones own ego and self awareness in each phase of life’’

I see it is signed by someone and to my shock it was me; it was signed by me and a date of 3rd March 1984; I thought that was strange I never wrote that

I see there is nothing else in the book, yet the words did make sense and it belonged to me; such a cute little thing

I see that I sit there for a while and stare at the empty pages until

I see a page in the middle I missed with some words, it reads,

‘’The KNOWER knows what he is seeking and knows where to look in his subconscious mind linked to the soul; To KNOW is to awaken the mind that is a sleep; So follow your KNOWING’’

I see again it was signed by me in the same date

I see the scene changing

I see that I have finished

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi