SoS075 - Each diamond given


Each diamond given represented a state of Consciousness and Knowing

I see a path and Jesus is their waiting with something in his hand; he embraces me and

I see it is an ivory coloured Shawl and he says, you will need it so put it on; I wear around my neck and notice it is full of diamonds; he says each diamond is YOU and the qualities and personality traits that you have; These good qualities and selflessness have been given back to you as a gift

I see closely the shawl which was made of a laced silk type weave and very carefully stitched; The diamonds were all of different sizes, as I examine closely, my smile was huge with gratitude and embrace Jesus again and say thank you Master; He smiles back

I see him say and points to a diamond on the shawl, now go and find it on your path

I see him depart and I head off

I see myself being confused thinking for a moment, thinking I had to find a diamond, but my super conscious takes over and guides my thinking

I see that I have to find the manifestation of this diamond in this realm I am in; but I am going to leave my mind open and not imagine anything or think what it looks like

I see myself being happy and along my path I feel my scarf around my neck; yes indeed I was proud to wear it

I see myself going down a winding path that goes up and down like a roller coaster, until at the end

I see a ball, floating above the path; it was white but porous and I could see the through it; I mean it was not totally together but like a loose lace all knitted together to make a ball

I see it is joined by a running thread that laced everything together; and my KNOWING is tells me this; one thread that binds them all together

I see in some places the gaps a bigger then the other side so it is not symmetrical but it looks fantastic

I see it is the size of me, until

I see it is still expanding, I notice that light was going through it very faintly I see this; it was being caught by the lace and redirected to the threads of the ball

I see myself looking where the current was flowing but it soon disappeared and became too difficult to track

I see there is another ball inside and I come closer to have a look

I see a purple and blue earth like appearance ball floating in the centre; It is too expanding and there were flashes of lightning inside this small ball

I see it is fluid and not hard a compound structure, it was spinning like a planet inside

I see I stare at it then my super conscious tells me this is only  scale down model you are looking at; I thought wonder what the real one looked like

I see immediately the scene changing and I am inside a huge place, so huge that I cannot see the ceiling or ground; I am floating

I see myself flying around but the end I cannot come across

I see that I was in a consciousness and it went on forever even though by this time I must have covered hundreds of miles flying

I see there is light flashing everywhere and in all colours and lightning too

I see a balls floating in one area, I am drawn to them and start to examine then

I see they are all different colours and fluid too; as I touch

I see it is sponge too, as I start to poke them, but they come back to shape

I see the scene changing

I see that I have finished

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi