SoS074 - Being Covered by the Wings


Being Covered by the Wings of hundreds of Angels

I see a path and Jesus says, well done for your achievements so far and it is time you stepped up your KNOWING and INSIGHT; now go down the path and see what lies ahead; He embraces me and we depart

I see that the path is murky and misty, like going through a foggy day; I did not let that bother me but an insight occurred in my head; I decide to sit down and contrite on dispersing the fogginess

I see myself visualising and imaging the mist and fogginess to disappear; and slowly and surely the mist moved away across and over ahead. The path looked immaculate and it was mainly green, a dark green but parts reminded me of emerald green; The path was two toned and blended in different shades of green

I see the path was like a KNOWING itself as though it KNEW who I was; as if the path had senses of its own; I asked the path, ‘show me something that I may understand and comprehend who you represent’ and I waited

I see a light come out of the path and make a screen for me to view

I see myself sitting down and waiting; then I realise it was me who did not command to view the screen; so I used my mind to open and see the images and it did

I see a man walking across a lake, which was impossible but here I was watching it happen; He was walking carefully across and to the other side and he sits down by the flowers and bushes

I see him close his eyes and starts meditating and

I see his aura changing to blue to purple and notice the energies around him come into his body

I see his body inflate, and his in breath becomes deeper and deeper and then

I see him exhale too

I see him finish his meditation and vanish; I thought where did he go and move closer to the screen; then

I see myself being pulled in, I panic and resist but my super consciousness tells me not too, so I release my strength and

I see myself being pulled into the lake and onto a platform on top of the water; I thought how wonderful to see an open expanse of water and it was so blue too; I feel intoxicated looking at the blueness of the water and

I see myself part of the water and I too slip away into a meditative state and then falling asleep and it is a deep sleep too

I see myself lying down on the platform and angels descend from the sky; they are many of them, too many to count and they surround me

I see one of them place his wings over my body another and another, until all of them had done the same; I am now completely submerged in a sea of wings which is totally covering my sleeping body

I see an angel remove his wing and stand upright and close its eyes

I see his wings lit up and light of all colours begin to come out and surround the platform; then it begins to shrink until only we are surrounded my this light; Meanwhile I am still sleeping away unaware what is happening

I see the light change into a mercury coloured light and it descend into all of us

I see all of them move their wings away and I can see myself still sleeping

I see all my clothes have changed and they are ivory and with mercury coloured collars and cuffs; Then I notice my trousers are green but made entirely of light and shoes too

I see myself slowly waking up and looking at my clothes

I see myself being alert and a KNOWING has come over me as though I had just read a book and everything had been revealed

I see myself embracing the angels for their support and enlightenment

I see that I have finished

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi