SoS073 - Neptune GOD of the Oceans


Neptune GOD of the Oceans and all the Seas

I see a path and Jesus calls me over

I see him sitting by a lake on a bench surrounded by trees and bushes. I walk across to him and we embrace; He says to me kneel down and I do so

I see him place his hand on my head and begins to read and blow over my head; I could not here the words he was saying but his hand felt heavy as it rested on my head

I see him move his hand across to different parts of my head and sometimes push a little harder; I could feel blue and purple lights entering different parts of the mind and circulating all around

I see him then slice my head, spiritually he was doing it; but I felt no pain and it was done at astral level and only lights were involved

I see him spend some time and I put my right hand on my heart and closed my eyes; as I do so

I see that I am swimming deep into an ocean; it is vast and very blue. I go deeper and deeper and I can breathe comfortably and not worried at all

I see that I am free and there are no restraints or anybody pulling me down in life; I continue swimming deeper and deeper; Then I notice that I am a fish with hands

I see the scales and tail I have and start to laugh; thinking this is great and I swim even faster in the water gliding effortless across the water; until

I see a cave and a purple light shining out; it was a deep purple and I decide to go down and see

I see that it was a portal into another dimension and so I decide to investigate; but to my surprise another big fish stopped me from going and said telepathically that it was too dangerous right now

I see myself taking the fishes advice and swim along the  corals on the other side; in my mind I wondered what the place could be and why it was dangerous and was thankful that I did not go in, as anything could have happened

I see myself stopping to have a look at the coral and see a man with a crown and a very long fish’s tail; He said I am the God of the Sea, Neptune; for I rule the seas and waters of the entire ocean; I am a consciousness and my image that you see is dependent on your own imagination

I see him continue; my consciousness serves the oceans and the people who sail across the oceans; for I protect the oceans from harm and give safe passage who use the oceans everyday

My consciousness serves directly to the universal consciousness and mother earth; for I am an extension of the consciousness that serves the Creator; I am here to give you a lesson and insight of my doings in the ocean and seas across every single waterway

I see him continue; my mastery of the spiritual water goes deep into the cellular structure of the composition of the water and every water that exists; This meaning my consciousness is the consciousness of every water, ocean and sea; My consciousness serves peace to those who have silence there mind and seek the knowledge of the unknown

My consciousness is beyond measure for I flow into every water that exists and even the water that you drink; My consciousness KNOWS and my presence is also in you

I see him say; there is a wavelength that I am giving you which you can use to help in healing and to restore the balance in healing of a person; as you know that a human is mainly made of water and this precise balance if disturbed can put the body into trauma

I see him continue; take this fork (which looked exactly like the three pronged fork I had seen on TV) and use it consciously for you too heal others

It is an extension of ME and it will serve you well

I see him swim a way and into the distance

I see myself waking up from my vision and open my eyes, to see that Jesus was still blessing me

I see that he has finished and helps me up and says, now go

I see that I have finished

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi