SoS071 - The Wealth of Unhappiness


The Wealth of Unhappiness of a Man trapped inside due to his Selfishness

I see a path and Jesus is there to greet me and embraces, he says, there is love in YOU so expand and multiply as you go along; and I head off onto my path

I see that my sight has changed, it is clearer my soul is telling me, and I feel that I can breathe too; an unusual change

I see myself trying to make a reason of what has happened but soon decide to concentrate on my journey; the thoughts dissipate away

I see myself coming to a cave, it is vast and dark; I wonder if I should go in, as the darkness is more then usual. I gain a little strength and walk in

I see the cave illuminates immediately and to my surprise I find, which is best described as treasure; It reminds me of the pirates that sailed the seas, for it could easily have been theirs; There were swords too with jewelled encrusted handles, maybe a ruby I spot in one of them

I see there is a huge pile of gold coins and goblets; to my left there is a chest which is open and filled with jewellery and silver too; On the right is a pile of further chests of fabric, the expensive variety and even curtains

I see a roll of silk and then another; and walk into the cave

I see the pile of coins is twice as I thought and stands 50metres high and everything seems doubled what I saw; Somehow it has increased

I see myself walking around and yet not excited by all these treasures which are littered on the floor; I notice there was a pearl necklace that lies on a table which I walk towards

I see it has a blue and a green in the whiteness of each pearl, which I had not seen before; then directly forward

I see a globe of the world, it is ancient looking and I walk towards it leaving the necklace on the table

I see the globe of the world and there are diamonds on each of the capital cities; someone had really taken time designing it, I thought to myself. I roll the globe looking at each country and

I see a country that is in the middle of the ocean, which I have not seen before, yet it has no name on it; I keep looking at the globe with interest turning frequently then I notice another with no name in the ocean

I see that there are errors in the globe or is it that we do not know; I decide it is best not to speculate and credit the person who had certainly spent many hours making such a globe

I see ahead a door which is in front of another pile of coins which I had not seen; It looks as though the treasure has the walls and roof and it is a house; my mind was confused and I tried to make sense of all this treasure has come from

I see myself walking towards and opening the door to see a man sitting in an empty room; his head is down and seems as though he is really sad

I see another chair and ask if I could come in, he nods but says nothing; I place the chair in front of him and sit down

I see myself pausing and looked around the empty room, which had no windows but just walls; I lift his head to see the face of a troubled man; I ask what is wrong and why you are so unhappy when you are surrounded my treasure and enormous riches

I see him take a deep sigh and say, I have no one to spend it with; I feel as though there is no one who is here; I have been here for many years and wanted wealth and riches all my life and worked and worked every single day to accumulate my wealth, I had achieved that, but now it means nothing

I see him say, I realised that I cheated my way through life and made sure that making money always comes first; I never saw my family or friends except on special occasions and even then kept my wallet tight; Spending my money used to hurt me and I stole instead when I could; I made it an art form, it was easy and so I kept this going making and cheating others

I see him continue; I made so much money I could not even store it so hid it where ever I could so one will notice and kept my spending low so one will ever suspect; I made no long terms friends and you are the first person I have seen in over two hundred and sixty four yrs; I have been here this long and I can’t get out of my wealth

I see myself pausing and thinking he must have been a selfish man and now he has been trapped in his wealth; I wondered what I could do; I asked is it possible that I could have the pearl necklace on the table

I see his eyes lit up and became excited, he said yes please do and anything else you would like; I wish to rid of this money and treasure for years it has been my burden; It is like carrying all this money on my back and it has totally destroyed me

I see him quickly go out side and I follow behind him; he grabs the necklace and other things too, rings and coins and shoves them in a empty treasure chest; I watch with a smile thinking I don’t want that much but it made him happy so I let him continue

I see that I was actually helping him relieve his burden and at the same time I was not excited about me receiving all this wealth which he was putting into the chest

I see him change in front of my eyes; his complexion became whiter and his clothes too seemed ironed and straightened

I see around me that the piles of money had shrunk and the globe had gone too; I notice that ne was loading everything into this chest, which seemed impossible to fit in; In a matter of minutes everything was gone and into the chest; The cave had been emptied and his smile was like a firework waiting to explode with happiness; He runs and embraces me and asks for forgiveness; I smile back and hold him tightly

I see myself kissing him and taking him outside the cave, which he runs back and grabs the chest and places it in front of me; I say to him you are free to go, so go;

I see him look around and he heads for a forest in a distance; I felt so happy for him and I even shed a tear; I wondered what to do with this enormous about of treasure

I see that I have finished

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi