SoS072 - The Goblet and Globe


The Goblet and Globe opening my Universe Inside of ME

I see a path and Jesus is waiting for me

I see him embrace me tightly and whisper in my ear; now do you understand, sometimes goodness comes out of darkness; experiences mean greatly when they are reflected with a mind that is open and reflects, without judgement

I see myself walking along my path, with the thought of Jesus smiling at me in my mind; I felt good and wanted and most of all a feeling of contentment; that I had not felt for a long time

I see a different ME, a personality and open ME, walking along the path with a purpose; My mind is saying, simply BE and YOU will

I see a globe and a goblet on my path in a distance; which surprises me; I move closer and the goblet is bigger then I thought and needs to be picked up by both hands

I see the goblet is like the olden and medieval ones and has a single red ruby, but it is huge on the side; The ruby itself has an inscription and a name; it was mine; I look inside and

I see a cloudy liquid; it looks like milk but not milk; It was flowing in swirls inside; reminded me of a mini whirl pool and the sight was awe inspiring

I see the liquid being moved to oneside of the goblet and a light shines out into me

I see it penetrate every cell in my body and I feel the need to cleanse my body and bathe; I pour the liquid over my head and instantly a tingly feeling is expressed by me and I begin to SEE

I see that I am inside this globe but I am tiny and the globe is huge in comparison, it feels the size of a universe I am in

I see nothing but everything inside this universal globe and I witness a journey of stars; a cluster flying in formation around; It is a wonderful sight and look like shooting stars

I see there trial of gases behind them, I begin to count them; one two three and four, five, six and seven all together; then immediately they change direction and towards me; They space out and move faster and faster; I begin to worry and think they are going to hit me

I see myself moving backwards and panicking, I begin to freeze on the spot and cannot move; then they charge into me; it like being hit by a train and I scream in pain, but instantly there was no pain, as though it had vanished

I see my chakras coming alive and exploding with light inside; my body seems like a lighthouse of light and shining everywhere inside my cells

I see I have become a light person and my eyes are light too; I look at my hands and all I can see is light; pure brilliance of white light, but shimmering and full of energy

I see the shooting stars had opened my chakras and filled them with light too

I see a calmness overcome me and I feel energised and my mind too

I see the universe with a different pair of eyes as thought everything is making sense

I see that I have grown so big that I am now the size of the universe; everything looks small before I felt tiny in comparison

I see myself nodding and saying, I understand, I understand now; I look around in a daze yet a KNOWING presence is inside of me; My KNOWING has increased and everything I making sense

I see the globe as being tiny as comparison and NOW feel I am the globe; but there is humility inside of me and a humbleness that says, ‘ I will tolerate the inner and outer on me, it will not pollute my mind or my ego be inflated’

I see myself taking everything IN, but not let it over power me

I see myself being held tightly by Jesus inside the globe all of a sudden and I can feel his heart beating; my heart begins to synchronise with his and slowly it begins too

I see him hold me tightly and here him whisper in my ear; it is a prayer but in my daze I cannot make it out; then he blows into both ears and I wake up instantly

I see that I have finished

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi