SoS070 - The Cleansing of Past Karma


The Cleansing of Past Karma of a group of lost Souls

I see a path and Jesus is coming towards me with a smile and holding something, which I cannot make out; He embraces me with one hand and sits down; keeping what is in his hand away from my eyes

I see him say, the world was filled with people taking advantage of others and having no inside feelings at all. Hurting others would bring a smile to them; they find that amusing, so sad the world was; I want you to follow this path and take this, but you will not be able to see it until the write moment; Your mind will only be confused

I see myself taking something which my mind cannot decipher; but I did not dwell on it and went to my path

I see my mind conflicting with me to have a look, but I resisted; knowing what Jesus had said

I see myself approaching a cross road of about a thousand or so, going in many directions; I thought wow, what do I do; but I remembered it matters not and left the final decision to my super consciousness to take, leaving my mind free of the chattering and conflict

I see myself taking one of these roads and following my super self guidance with whatever was in my hand, which I had ignored

I see myself coming to a coloured waterfall; it was huge and wide too; my sight was filled with this water falling down form this enormous spout; first it sprayed in the air and then it changed into many colours and came down into a pool

I see myself wanting to look what I was carrying; and it appeared. It was a stool to sit on; but noticed something was different about it; I felt an enormous pull from the stool, like a magnet or a massive energy presence

I see myself sitting down and watching the show of the waterfall, spraying water and colours everywhere; as I sat down I feel lifted as though energy has come into my body

I see myself saying, wow, where did that come from and then suddenly

I see a group of people coming towards me, they looked upset and hurt; I watched them come closer, wondering what has happened; I remained calm and stayed sitting in my stool

I see them, about a dozen of people male and female, dressed shabbily and with dirty faces too; They sat down and looked at me and wanted me to say something until one man stands up and says, will you help us

I see myself being helpless and wondering what they wanted and why they were dressed so poorly

I see myself asking, what is wrong and he replies, we cannot let go Shazi and have wronged ourselves; I see I reply

I see myself pausing and looked into everyone’s eyes for a moment and felt a love coming from them, it was faint and the need to be free from their torment

I see myself looking and feeling their emotions individually and realised they had found ME and had made a conscious decision to make that change to be free, which I told them very softly and smiling continuously and showing them I love them

I see then change slowly as I continued to talk and could see their complexions were changing too

I see a face and looked at it as though I was talking to her only, and I could see her face being cleaned, and slowly her face turned a milky colour; I moved onto each one talking about the gardens I had visited from my memories and how the flowers were so beautiful; Some how they were interested and smiled when I smiled
I see that my energy was helping them to clear the blockage of there minds or Karma

I see everyone at the end had clean and fresh faces like coming out of a shower; but their clothes were still the same; and my heart wanted so much for them to look good too

I see myself telling them to shower in the waterfall and enjoy the coloured lights which they did one by one; after sometime they all came out wearing white clothes

I see them it was made of silk and together with their faces they looked incredible and even good-looking

I see myself being proud of myself and they each came quickly to hug and kiss me

I see them all thanking me and kissing my hand and I kissed their hands too, was compelled to do the same

I see myself thinking I could have done a lot more but it was a start for them and a new beginning which hey should have ownership off; I did not want to give my advice but to find their own

I see then being sure of themselves, I could feel their energy and excitement

I see them wave goodbye

I see that I have finished

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi