SoS068 - The Throne of Command


The Throne of Command

I see a path and Jesus greets and embraces me, he says, you need to accelerate your learning from now on; you don’t need to wait for anybody but yourself

I see him say, now continue on this path until you come to a tree then turn left and then left again, he then departs

I see myself following the path as Jesus has instructed

I see the math is green as though everything is green for a short while until quickly it turns purple; Everywhere around me are purple, the sky, the path and all of a sudden my clothes too

I see myself continuing along the path and there the path splits in too, right and left. I turn left and again another split and I turn left again; then the path and the atmosphere changes from the purple to a normal blue sky and even the path too

I see myself continuing until a come to a throne; it is huge it stands over several stories high and encrusted with dinner size plates of precious stones and other stones which I have never seen before; It gave of energy and brightness; think it is emitting light from its stones

I see the sea is made of silk, my super consciousness is telling me, even though I cannot see it from below; As I look and concentrate on the design

I see gold emblems and even silver signatures or it cold even have been platinum; until I noticed a diamond on both size of the arm chair it was the size of a sofa on Earth

I see myself admiring the size of it all and wondered it belongs to a giant; but several names came into my head, but I was simply awe struck of the scale of this throne

I see myself focusing on a point that was emitting light into the air like a laser; This light was interchangeable and of every colour and shade I had known; I even see gold and silver light being shown

I see myself being totally awestruck and cannot focus on anything but scanning the throne and capturing each moment. But it was too much to look at until

I see a door at the bottom of the throne; I thought that was unusual to see

I see myself walking towards the door and knocking; The door opens and

I see Jesus and he embraces me and tells me what I had seen is the command centre of God and yes he said the throne of God

I see myself asking, why does God need a throne? Jesus replies, what your eyes see is a throne because you need to increase your vibrations to the frequencies of this dimensional existence; As your intellect is lower then this realm the way to explain and show you this is examples of Earth and what you see their

This method of teaching awareness happened to Me and all of those who wished to learn the nature and wisdom of Knowledge; Examples of life and what we have seen too are used in examples in other higher realms too

I see myself listening to Jesus, he says; do not let your mind wonder and focus on the topic or subject that you are studying and develop it further; now look over here; remember this is the command centre where God sits and orders are given out

I see myself on the seat area of the throne and it like the size of a city or even bigger as I could not see the end at all, so vast it is; I look around and

I see decorations and gardens and even waterfalls around every short distance; then

I see them disappearing and reappearing with different design; this happened everywhere I looked; I thought it was a magician’s trick, and to change into a new garden area was incredible.

I see in the distance other areas where light was coming on and off; it was like a cloud and the light would change and even the cloud was changing too; I thought wow that was a sight to be seen

I see myself being tired and Jesus notices this and says, if you have seen enough, the vibrations here are intense and your energies will soon be depleted. I will help you get back

I see myself instantly back where I had started

I see that I have finished

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi