SoS067 - The Rejuvenation Portal


The Rejuvenation Portal of my Essence

I see a path and Jesus is waiting to embrace me; we do and smile at each other, he says you look tired, but after you have finished we will revive that energy of yours; He points down to a the path that goes round and around a corner, I cannot see round the bend and I head off

I see that the path descends and then rises for a short while then descends again; It reminded me of a roller coaster and all the sharp turns too, such is the paths nature

I see ahead a portal, it is like a swirling energy cloudy pass and in there are lightning bolts going off inside; It is exactly like a film had shown

I see myself going into the portal until a voice says, you have no permission to go in; I am startled by the surprise of the command; I look around to see who it is

I see a tall man, stern looking but not threatening; I go over to him and shake hands and we immediately sit down on a bench

I see him say, I am the portal key master and you must have permission to go into this region and do you have a reason to go?; my mind had gone blank and I could not come out with a reason; His surprise had me startled and my brain cannot come with anything

I see myself calming down and asking, what does the portal go? He replies, I am not allowed to say and I will not tell you anyway; his response and bluntness had me surprised

I see myself being stuck and wondering what to do next, I get up and say thank you and leave; He was surprised by my action and headed along the path

I see myself walking a short distance to a cave and I go in to sit down; I ask my super consciousness what steps I should take now; immediately it comes out of my body and into form of me

I see myself asking, what should I do; the reply came immediately and he said, you had been sent by Jesus and that is a good enough reason

I see myself shaking my head and thought it was a perfect answer and did not know that I had not thought of this simple answer

I see myself going back and talking to this man; by this time he had grown several inches higher and was even sterner looking then normal

I see myself telling exactly what my super consciousness had told me and he mellowed down his face and said, this is a revitalise and energy ‘ incurrer’;

I see myself asking what that was, for he replied your language will not be able to understand and there is no understanding to describe this, but you are free to go in

I see myself going in and as I do,  I am greeted with a question; that belongs to you? I replied back, I had been sent by Jesus and by his command that I travel this path; There was silence and

I see the portal come over me and instantly I am inside

I see a tired ness come over me, then a jewel drops out and falls into my hand, it is a green and mixed with yellow stone, but as soon as I am looking at it turns into a small flower

I see myself looking wondering what to do, and then the flower begins to disperse light straight into me; I instantly begin to awaken and come alive

I see another stone fall into my hand and it is a brown quartz look and this time it sticks into and inside my body; and then it permeates and spreads around the body

I see myself coming awake even further until everything stops and the portal disappears; I look around and see that there is no one there and not even the man too

I see myself wondering what to do until I noticed my clothes had become shinier and vibrant; Even the fabric I was wearing had become  stronger, how odd but wonderful I thought

I see myself walking further ahead until cluster of symbols on the path catch my eye

I see it is made of five circles but more like an elliptical circle, each in a different colour, in fact the first five colours of the rainbow, they were set in a formation

I see three elliptical together in a line then two coming out exactly 135degress to each other and inside each one was a small book; I did not want to put my hand in and wondered what could they be

I see myself looking at them until the symbols began to glow, and change colour, all of them had turned to gold and the books inside had disappeared

I see the golden glow increase until it began to shake slowly then more; it thought of holding it but had second thoughts.

I se a Y shaped formation rise and stand in front of me; it was exactly my height and suspended from the path; I was blank and wondered what next; and the golden colours begun to flow into ME, and I feel myself being lost   and confused inside

I see myself having no opinions but just blankness, I became devoid of having an opinion at all

I see myself coming round and everything vanishes and my clothes had changed back

I see that I have finished

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi