SoS065 - The Peacocks feather


The Peacocks feather and a wooden Leaf

I see a path and Jesus coming towards me with a feather; it is from a peacock; He embraces me warmly and kisses me on the forehead and says walk with me today; I am overjoyed because it is the first time he is walking with me on the path

I see my curiosity gets the better of me and I ask; Jesus what is the peacock’s feather for; he replies you will know sooner then enough and we continue at a steady stroll, and he passes me the feather

I see myself looking at the feather which is very large; in fact half the size of me and the plumage is spread about half a meter width; The colours are amazing and it reminded of the peacocks feathers I have already seen but not this large

I see the colours and the eye which stands out as the circular colours made it look like an eye; There was greener and black on the outer borders with hints of all the colours set in a wonderful peacock feather should look like

I see myself walking along the path until we come to a patch of trees and grass; as we come closer it was a garden and there is a bench and we both sit down

I see Jesus say; it is time to expand your timetable so that you are using your qualities that your mother’s inheritance; We have also showered our knowledge to you too and other wise spiritual souls you have met along your journey; It is time to step up and come out of your chair

We recognise the wisdom in you is growing but it is no mach for another and your wisdom will decline if it not put to good use; So teach others whenever you can and live by the principles that you have already have and carry with you from your personality

There is more we will continue to inspire in your journey but the need to expand your consciousness will be increased when you start to help, advise, inspire, work with, to teach, to sympathise and to add knowledge to those who already have a foundation

Many will never know the sacrifices you have made in your life, but be assured that it has not gone to waste at all; you have been honoured and received with great affection from your Lord; and God has embraced you as a friend, be not afraid of these words for I am protecting you

You asked me what the feather was; well it is YOU

If you look closely at the feather it is delicate and fragile; this is your humility, your humbleness and meekness you have shown all your life; even through angry moments you were able to control that to show or stand firm; For even on occasions anger is needed; Yet you showed wisdom in anger too for another to learn and show them what is needed to further their own understanding

Often it is the stubbornness and ego that ruins man; he falls in a pit thinking he will easily get out, but know he cannot; because he has no wisdom or any necessary intellectual tools to do any better

The meekness and patience has grown over the years and the feather is a reminder of that

Now look at the colours, such brightness and so many too, all set in an organised way and in a pattern that has the lookers inspired by the nature of its beauty

I see myself looking at the feather and staring at the formation and notice there was pattern that reminded me of ME; some how my intellect and insight was saying this was ME

I see Jesus continuing; there are nineteen separate pattern signifying the wisdom and intellect and the knowledge you have already have; this is all personality, intellectual and humbleness based; be assured you will be greatly received by many who know how to listen

These nineteen attributes and qualitities has been given and inspired through generations and adventures of your soul and YOU to on your experiences and inspirations

Now look at this cluster of colours;

I see a cluster of colours which is made of a star and a stick like; the pattern looked like that; The stick was made of black from the base and then as moving up; turned into a vibrant green and a hint of orange and red at the top; The star was multicoloured and looked as though it was shining brightly

I see Jesus continuing; the stick as you see it is not; but this is your strength in character and firmness; this quality is needed; For you will never crack but remain firm in all what you do and even when others will try to put you down; Remember Shazi this is you and is your strength, there is no weakness; for others will point things out, but they know not what we know; so ignore but listen but not to take heed of their advice; for there will be many you will show you paths that lead to disarray

Be assured we will guide you all the way in your silence and open your eyes that you may see and experience as you have also wished on your path

I see Jesus say; now look at the star, yes it does indeed shine brightly out and yes it has seven points and not an ordinary star; this is your chakras that continue to develop and shine brightly across the globe for this is the knowledge that will spread over the seven continents. But remember this is for a particular people who wish to listen for they will in turn inspire others; but YOU are the catalyst and inspiration for many; Don’t be afraid of my words but embrace them and often time is needed to praise and mention the work which you do to keep peoples lives into a perspective that gets them to reflect internally, which is ever so important

I see him continue; see there is no one to disturb you, for we have made assurances of that;

I see him continue now remember there are nineteen qualities you already possess so expand and multiply then for they will surely be used in everyday occurrences as you help and advise others

We are sending you to a blessing; which you already know; When you come out of this blessing; you will be a different person, having more insight then ever before; to expand the insight of your path

Words often are inadequate but YOU are

I see Jesus get and I too get up and he embraces and kisses me on the forehead. He says, keep the feather and look at it often and see the knowledge it will give you and the inspiration too

I see Jesus give me a leaf, which is carved with perfection from a piece of wood and places it in my palm and steps back and disappears

I see myself looking at the leaf and the veins which look like the palm of my hand; In fact on closer inspection of my hand and the leaf it was identical; further more I can see lights coming out from seven points on the leaf, all of different colours; the colours of the rainbow

I see myself looking around and admiring the beauty of the feather and the leaf

I see that I have finished and the scenes evaporates away

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi