SoS064 - The Lighthouse


The Lighthouse and My Mirror Projection

I see a path and immediately what in the distance

I see a mirror it is huge suspended in the sky; it is opaque so has a larger reflecting surface; It is amazing looking at it

I see myself concentrating and working out the detail of the mirror, until the voice of Jesus calls out, to go towards the mirror; so I head out in that direction, my eyes fixed in the mirrors direction

I see the path is different and at close inspection there are tiny little mirrors too on the path, they look like tiny torches flashing all around there light

I see it reminds me of the night sky and the stars being visible on a dark day; such beauty that is

I see myself getting closer and closer yet the mirror still is quite far away

I see myself reflecting and thinking what this mirror could represent and have enjoyed the learning guidance of Jesus. In my heart I say thank you to God and him; and immediately I feel his warmth in my heart; I smile with approval knowing it was immediately received

I see the mirror ahead and very close to it now, it seems larger then normal; I notice a man sitting down, sowing what looks like a jacket; he looks up and sees me

I see it is Nana Tajuddin of India; he has a great spiritual person and my grandfather had met him; he even gave him a bunch of bananas and a message that when he grows up his family tree will be sacred; At that time my grandfather was only a college student and he laughed off his message

I see him sow quickly what looked like a white to ivory coloured tunic; he was inlaying it with pearls and he calls me over to try it; I immediately give respects by bowing down, he says no need and embraces me tightly; and whispers I have been waiting for you; Remember it was me blessed you fifteen yrs ago in your dream; I know you remember that; he kisses me on the cheek and helps me try the jacket

I put the buttons on the tunic which came down to my thighs and the shirt collar one too; I notice Jesus who is behind me say, a little tight on the collar, I turn round and embrace him, he smiles back

I see Nana pull out a single silver thread which immediately loosened the collar; the tunic fitted perfectly and I undid the buttons to have a look in the inside of the jacket

I see an inscriptions and then notice they all it is covered inside the jacket; it has a satin appearance but not satin; The inscriptions were of silver tread and it shimmered in the light like diamonds; wow I thought what a jacket

I see a pocket and instinctively put my right hand in; and I pull out a light ball; it was pearl coloured and the size of a tennis ball yet in the pocket it did not feel that I had anything at all

I see and admire it and wonder what it is fall; until Nana says it for healing and to use any time; you have the commands now; I immediately embrace him and Jesus, for which both laugh loudly. I say to them how can I repay you, and Jesus replies you do everyday

I see the mirror above come down and shrink into incredibly quickly to the size of my heart and move closely inside of me; I close my eyes to receive it, I feel calm and let it into my heart

I see in my heart a mirror which is a sphere and projecting the light outwards; and Nana whispers in my ear, I will see you again

I see the mirror project its light even more; I feel I am a lighthouse and the light is pulsating similarly, in fact like a lighthouse does

I see the light is multi dimensional and not just light for this dimension

I see and feel light headed and Jesus comes over to embrace me again; I feel his heart beating and it begins to make my heart beat at the same rhythm

I see I am overwhelmed with joy and smile back to him and kiss him on the cheek

I see that I have finished

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi