SoS063 - The Healing Stones


The Healing Stones and their Essence given by Jesus to Me

I see a chair on my path and on the seat is a single rose with a long stem, I smile and take it to smell the scent; as soon as I touch this it turns into a ruby. It was the size of a tennis ball, wow I thought

I see myself staring at this ruby and turning it around to see how wonderfully cut it is; Then I notice a flow of red running water begins to flow slowly from it and rests in the palm of my hand

I see Jesus who carefully embraces me, making sure I don’t spill the red water; He says look into the rose water witch has the energy of red rubies too and divine commands; Let it flow more with your thought; I silenced my mind and visualised the ruby was flowing; The flow began immediately, trickling very slowly into my hand

I see myself looking at the flow, yet it did not make sense; the amount of water flowing should over flow but my hand was able to keep all the water; I keep looking and the flow continues but never spills over and out of my hand; I thought that was amazing

I see Jesus say, now consume the ruby and then the water; I thought how that could be, the ruby is too big; for a moment a struggled with this thought but then realised if I embrace the ruby and drink the water then it will be consumed, which I did

I see that with my embrace to the heart it quickly disappeared into my BE~ING, and I then drank the red rose water, feeling the refreshment inside

I see Jesus then place six other precious stones all in both of my hand; their was a sapphire, diamond, emerald, a quartz, a yellow stone which I could not recognise and finally a black diamond.

I see that all of them began to flow slowly into the palm of both of my hands; The flow again was so much that it never spilt; I stood there watching the flow of water and noticed they never mixed into each other but kept separate

I see myself consuming the stones and into my BE~ING and drank the water

I see Jesus say, it is time for you to heal others; but not those who wish not to be healed; I have given you my energy so use it wisely when needed; A part of it I have given, when you stay on this Divine path I will reward you with more

I see him wipe my face with his hands and shake my clothes rubbing hard in a downward action; He then straightened my hair and said, that is better

I see everything disappearing and I have finished

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi