SoS062 - The beauty of man


‘The beauty of man is when he wakes from his slumber and into the light and cherishes it within his heart, knowing he has found his essence’

I see a path and Jesus comes towards me with a branch and put it in my hand and then embraces with but says nothing and departs

I see the branch he has given me and notice it has my name with a single diamond; but I am mistaken it is not a simple branch but more like a trophy my super consciousness tells me; then I notice another inscription and another but they all form a sentence;

‘The beauty of man is when he wakes from his slumber and into the light and cherishes it within his heart, knowing he has found his essence’

I see the words has a deep impact in me and I am overwhelmed and drop to my knees with a sigh; oh what beauty the words mean and if only more people will climb themselves out of there life and look this way or even inwards

I see myself taking the wooden trophy encrusted with a single diamond and set off onto my path

I see a bird sweeping down and chirping at me, several times it did that; then

I see an Owl swooping down and drops a single feather which I catch in my hand; it was no ordinary feather but it was made from gold, infact a gold feather; so delicate and yet such beauty

I see myself continuing a bit further and drop down into a tunnel which surprises me only to come out on the other side to the exact same place; a fun ride I thought

I see myself walking again but this time looking downwards making sure there were no hidden traps or holes; then I thought no this is Gods path and all things are Divine; so I stand up straight and march along with confidence, ready to embrace what lies ahead

I see in the distance a narrow path for a single person to walk through; it was strange it had never happened before; mostly all the paths were big enough for several people to walk along side, hmm.. strange it is

I see myself carefully walking along the path and in the distance

I see a house, and I recognise it immediately, it is my mothers; I had seen it before and remember the shape and the encrusted jewelled door

I see myself in and rushing towards her, we both embrace and hold on tightly; and says ‘I am sorry that I have hurt you, your path has been difficult and life has been a real challenge; no words cannot describe how I feel; but it time you move ahead and not search deeply in what has transpired; Move on and seek deeper in your psyche and insight will flourish in you; be bold in whatever you do and trust the universe to provide; for it too provided much riches in knowledge in my time; I am forever by your side and even when you are alone, I give you company; So be and it will be’

I see everything disappearing and I have finished

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi