SoS061 - Lost in the Forest


Lost in the Forest and then being embraced by the branches

I see a forest and it is thick with trees and Jesus embraces me and says, find your way out and vanishes; I smile and enjoy the challenge

I see it is a very dense forest and one needs to move the branches away to get through after only a few feet; It is so dense that even I can’t see ahead; there is little light and it is dark because the canopy of each tree has blocked the light from getting through

I see myself thinking and believing that it is upto me and not anyone else to get through this forest and beyond and onto my path; There must be an easier way

I see myself sitting down thinking why do I need to rush or even get worried; I sit in my silence and enjoying the feeling of being with nature; Then

I see a branch lower down and onto my lap, I begin to stroke it; it was a natural thing to do, then

I see it shaking with excitement, and I smile and nearly break into laugher. I stay there foe a short while until I ask the branch simply, show me the way out; I listen to my silence hoping that a message would come to my mind or a sign, but nothing

I see myself sitting and waiting for an answer, within minutes

I see a branch glow with light, as though it was pointing a way, then another and another; it was like a direction all the branches were pointing

I see myself saying thank you and get up immediately in the direction knowing I had found a way out

I see myself going through the dense forest, struggling through even though it had become easier with the direction given. Then almost immediately when the though of me struggling through my mind, the vegetation begins to move away to show a path ahead

I see myself being relieved and moved closer to the way out, and then I hear Jesus’ voice telling me to go back; which I do immediately

I see myself thinking why I had to got back; and I cry out, ‘Oh Jesus I have done what you have asked, why do I need to go back’; there was no reply

I see myself then saying softly, forgive me for asking

I see myself walking back and into the thick vegetation and wondering what I should do next; until I find the place where I sat down and do so again

I see the branch had turned red where I had touch it; and again the branch lowers several branches to cover me and soon several more lower down and I know have a roof over my head; I enjoy the attention the branches and trees were giving me, until it begins to rain

I see the rain falling down but I am not getting wet as the branches have covered head and body; then the rain begins to fall heavily and

I see the branches shake and I notice that they moved closely together like a weave of a cloth; I realised it was protecting me from getting wet; I embrace the tree to give thanks, for it was looking after my welfare

I see myself lying down and feeling tired, and outside my own canopy the rain powered down from the sky like a rain forest; perhaps it was

I see myself being happy and realise that nature is a school in itself and there is much I could learn from this experience of being in its presence

I see myself relaxed and not being worried; until a branch over my head begins to change its colour to purple and then drops of the same colour slowly fall down onto my head and then another and another; It was like watching in slow motion the way it fell down

I see myself waiting for an impact but there was nothing and every drop disappeared into my skin; it reminded me of my Biology lesson at school and the process of Osmosis and how the water permeates into the roots and along to the rest of the parts of the plant; but in this case I was that plant

I see myself soon shown a purple ray that falls down to my heart through a gap made by the canopy over my head; it was an intense light that pierces my skin and into my chakra, my  moan in pain; but as quickly the pain is gone and I see a deeper purple entering my heart and the light building up, until it is completely filled

I see myself feeling heart is bigger then normal as it is filled with this purple light

I see myself thanking everyone in my life for this precious moment and I fall asleep

I see that I have finished

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi