SoS060 - The Life force flowing effortless


The Life force flowing effortless~ness through Trees

I see a path and Jesus embrace me immediately and is pleased that I have a big smile on my face; he says proceed and you will find what you are looking for, so keep that smiling face

I see myself walking down the path and leaving my mind clear and I feel the vibrations of my surrounding; I have realised through my super consciousness that awareness is a KNOWING and being tuned to my environment aids my SELF to understand and know

I see myself walking further until

I see a tree then another and another all in a line. It reminded me of one of the gardens that are majestically tended too; I go past them counting as I go; one, two, three, four………twenty one a…..and finally thirty eight; I look back to see them all and wonder what they represent

I see myself concentrating and touching the trees and I could feel that it was not bark as I could put my hands through them; it felt weird doing that and I repeated the process many times

I see myself studying the process and of what I was doing, until I realise that there was energy inside the tree; I said to myself, this must be the life force or command

I see myself touching this energy and as I move my hand around I can feel the intensity and power of it; I instantly felt tingling sensation in my hands and even tickled

I see myself looking deeper and suddenly the tree disappeared and I could only see the energies behind the tree; The silhouette of the tree was there but I could only see energy and lights; They were pearlescent coloured and the source was through the soil; but in this case its path and below

I see myself concentrating further and see different colours of this energy running up and down; It was fascinating to watch

I see myself trying to grab this energy with my hand and it was still flowing up and down the tree

I see myself leaving my hand and concentrating on letting the energy come into me; then it does it begins to flow through me and around the body

I see myself laughing, I was like a child in a candy store or in a toy shop; excitement and intrigue filled my fascination in the mind

I see a call from Jesus and his laughter and then

I see that I have finished

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi