SoS059 - The Path of Scenes and Fluid energy


The Path of Scenes and Fluid energy that Fashions under one owns Intention

I see a path and Jesus coming towards me and ask that I should follow the path ahead; He greets me and embraces before I leave

I see myself following a path with a film; it was a continuous images of a scene that I was following

I see thousands of images as I walk and yet I could not focus on any one of them, such was the overload of information; it was confusing and I wondered what they were all about

I see myself in the scene and the path as if they were one; slowly I begin to understand, that I am part of this film and a character of this scene

I see myself walking and walking on my path and the scenes of images were completely surrounding me; there was nothing but images playing about wherever I looked

I see myself still walking along the path and through an opening will lead me outside the images and scenes, yet I feel I was still in the film; this is what my super consciousness was telling me

I see myself in a barn at a farm there are all variety of farm animals from pigs, sheep, cows and chickens; there were more at the back which I could not make out

I see myself walking around and watching farmers at work; until a light at a distance catches my eye; I walked towards it behind a bush and

I see a portal, a doorway into another dimension and I walk through without any hesitation or fear; As I whirl through and arrive quickly to the base of a mountain; There are other mountains but this is the biggest one of all of them

I see myself walking outside at the base of the mountain and I notice a rock to sit upon which I do; I momentarily survey the scene around; I notice forests at a distance and open ground in between  

I see myself wondering what this place could be and notice a group of trees like a cluster all orangey coloured, which surprises me; They were mostly orange which I had never seen before

I see myself looking around further until I notice another group of trees all red, but different shades of red, from dark to light; as I look back at my mountain

I see a bright light at the top of the mountain, as I concentrated and make out what it was

I see it is a waterfall of cloudy light but fluid, it was pouring out like lava out of a mountain; It was falling all the way down to the bottom and flowing away

I see myself go towards this waterfall and notice it has diamonds and other precious stones inside, as I come closer the fluid grabs me; all of a sudden I am surrounded my this fluid; I am cover head to toe and cannot see through it at all

I see myself not panicking but remained composed and let the fluid take over; I notice I am turning white and of the same fluid composition and my super consciousness was telling me my eyes and hair were also white

I see myself smiling and thinking I am an old man, and laugh in amusement; but deep down inside I knew something was going to happen and it did

I see a scene and see that I am walking along a pyramid, which is the closest resemblance on earth and something I neither had nor seen before on earth; I come towards it and

I see a multiple piles of stones at the bottom and wonder why they are all bundled together; as I come closer to touch them they are not stones at all. I am confused and yet they look like stones; They are fluid with a stone colour and as I look up so is the pyramid structure

I see and concentrate to make out the structure; I can see it has two peaks at the top and a level that goes across for about ten meters; Then I notice the entrance about three stories high; there was no way I could be able to get there

I see myself focusing on the stones and my consciousness comes out of me and forms into a body

I see him say, what you a seeing is in another dimension of your eye which can look at light, yet this light id fluid as all and everything in life is made of this fluid energy

I see him continue; life and all existence have this foundation energy which you can see; if we scoop it up it easily comes away from its shape

I see him say, it is the intention and the one who can create forms an order of this energy; and they can fashion out anything

I see him disappear and I instantly back to where I had started and Jesus waving goodbye

I see that I have finished

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi