SoS058 - The Fluid energy of Nature


The Fluid energy of Nature

I see a cloud and Jesus is coming from the sky and lands and get off; he embraces me immediately and smiles; and says enjoy life to the full and fill your heart with love

I see myself warmed up by his words and it is felt in my heart; I could feel an energy warming up my heart; I knew instantly it was Jesus

I see him point to a door in the distance, and I set off in that direction

I see myself walking along a path that was changing colours each time as I step; I had seen these changes before and they were a little different now

I see water on my path, but it isn’t water but light; in fact it is fluid light and each step it permeates through my feet and into the body; I feel a tingling sensation rising above and then settling down in a few seconds

I see the path being denser and is now almost to my knees; the fluid light energy is increasing in depth but it is easy to walk through; It felt like wading through water but with no resistance; I wondered what type of this energy it was, as I thought to myself

I see immediately the door has disappeared, which makes me stop and wonder where it had gone; I look around and behind, but there was no sign of it

I see myself standing still not knowing what to do; but I carry on in the same direction, hoping it will appear; As I come closer to the exact spot where I had seen the door the light energy is almost to my neck

I see myself unable to look down and see my feet as I am almost immersed in this multicoloured fluid light which has been absorbed by my body; I stand for a moment and closed my eyes and let the body rest as the tingling sensation had increased and it was making me feel uncomfortable

I see myself concentrating and moving the light; Making it disperse around my body; as I step forward I am completely submerged in this light, I closed my eyes, to protect my eyes

I see myself hearing Jesus’ voice saying, open them Shazi, which I do so and find myself in a forest; I am standing in a clearing surrounded by trees; They were multicoloured trees and even the leaves were

I see myself walking towards these trees and find that each one had a plaque with an inscription; I thought it could be a name and reach out to feel the embossed inscription

I see myself looking directly at the tree and touching it; it was made of the same fluid energy I was wading through, yet it was held together to make a tree

I see myself been in awe at the sight, and as I look around there were different variations of the light in the tree composition; Some were more intense then others and differing in colour too; No one was the same

I see myself going across another tree to find a chair, I sit down and immediately the tree bends down and covers me with its leaves; I was not afraid and wondered what was happening

I see the tree completely surround me and I hear a voice say; I am the light consciousness of nature and humbled you have come to our presence, we give greetings dear soul and embrace you with our kindness

I see myself replying back and being excited with the encounter

I see myself listen further; I am here to give you energy, with your permission to guide you through this wave which is coming to earth soon; This wave will first come to our consciousness and then it will disperse into the world

I see myself listening, ‘this wave is intense and some will react according to there own perception and trait; so a variety of emotions will be expressed Some will be inspired whilst others will be in remorse

I see myself concentrating deeply and then it continued; dear soul, we are to give this energy in advance and immediately; I feel an intense energy rush in; It was like a pouring, no it was more, like a flood; I immediately jolt back and tense my body, I grip my fists in shock of such an intense vibration; I relax myself, keeping my mind on Jesus

I see myself drowning in this energy and which makes me feel intoxicated for a while; I sit there with my eyes closed to let the process sort it out and sooner said then done, the pouring stopped

I see myself opening my eyes and scanning my body; it felt different as though I was light, in fact the same fluid light; As I look closely at my skin, the skin disappears and

I see light everywhere, in my organs, blood and even in my bones. I was made of light, then the skin came back and I could see no more

I see the tree leave the embrace and I immediately see my path again where I had started

I see that I have finished

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi