SoS057 - The Purple Shower


The Purple Shower

I see a path and Jesus greets me with an embrace, and says nice to see an inner smile in you, I see all is well, now go along your path

I see myself walking along my path and each step I feel humble and proud that I have been patient within and have tolerated the experiences of my life; I am also glad that Jesus has recognised and saw this; it brings a smile on my face

I see myself walking and evaluating too, at the same time wondering what lies ahead

I see in the distance a purple light shining on one spot, it is distance and I cannot make it out; I would have to come closer and see

I see myself quickening my pace with excitement and wondering and guessing what it is

I see myself coming closer to find a circular area where the light is shining and inside this area, which is about 3ft in diameter, it is made of glass

I see myself standing outside this area and concentrating and having a detailed look; The light is intense purple, like a deep purple but there are shimmering of white light in its makeup; It is like a flow, or even better described as a purple shower

I see myself looking into this light and see precious stones and then books inside; I look down to see where it is falling down onto; the area is not glass but made of diamonds; My super consciousness says this; I continue to look thinking what to do, then an urge to bathe in this shower overcome me

I see myself walking into this shower of purple light which is filled with things and mysteries; as I do I let it fall on my head and close my eyes

I see it is penetrating and coming inside my mind and begins to open; It is like the light is alive and it is revealing it self to me; Then my consciousness comes out of me and manifests as a person in front of me

I see him explain, hi Shazi I am your consciousness, as you know and will explain what is happening; This purple shower is your opening and next phase of your graduation; you have now left the blue in you behind and now in the intensity and wisdom of the purple consciousness; This is a new AWARENESS which is showering you as you speak so let it in and embraces your next awakening; Be not confused but let it enlighten you during a period of awakening

I see him continue; as it permeates inside of YOU, further insights and knowing you will experience; This will be revealed in your writings so that you may educate enlighten others to your journey, for which you are travelling and others will be a witness off; You are a seed for others to germinate when they read your work

I see myself bathing in this light and feeling a tingly presence all over my body which invigorates and revitalises me and feel compelled to stay

I see my consciousness continue; the energy is for YOU only, this shower is only for YOU, this moment is for YOU and this wisdom is that too; The precious stones you see are symbolic meaning the goodness of you, humility being rewarded; when you see the books in this shower it is the wisdom and insight you will inherit, and again it is a reward for your continuous dedication to this path; Not only that but you enlightening others

I see myself lifting my head and being silent

I see flashes of images of great buildings from huge trees and then mountains, all come into the mind in a second; It was like a movie quickly was shown and some pictures were so fast I could not focus

I see it is been played but then my consciousness explains; this is what you are seeing, the images is the opening of your purple self, the new wisdom being translated by your super consciousness; It is now been slowly filtered deeper into YOU and be ready to understand at conscious level; but this is an ongoing process and these images will continue to be downloaded until you leave this shower; When that happens it will settle down and YOU may feel its awareness in your future writings

I see myself feeling filled up and I instinctively know that I should step out which I do; I come out of the area and the purple shower slowly disappears and in my hand is a ruby the size of a golf ball, at the same time my consciousness disappears too

I see myself evaluating what had happened and let myself rest my mind which I was seeing images as a continuous movie

I see myself focusing on my path and letting my mind carry on with the translation of this purple manifestation within me

I see myself walking back with this ruby and wondering how amazing and wonderful it was; I feel emotional and tears begin to flow down my face and an urge to give this ruby to Jesus

I see him waiting at a distance and he walks quickly to embrace me and wipe my tears away.

I see him say, you deserved every moment of this dear one and embraces me tightly and I could feel is heart beat; he holds me for a while and I feel my heart configuring to his and slowly it is synchronised to his beat; He lets go and I give him the ruby; he says you keep it as this is a gift from me to you; Then instantly it changes into a crown and then it changes into a spoon. It was unusual to see it changing in front of me; I had a red stoned small spoon; as I look at it closely it was shimmering and then I noticed the spoon was filling itself up with water

I see myself drinking this water and then it disappears

I see that I have finished

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi