SoS056 - The Face of my Consciousness


The Face of my Consciousness

I see a path and Jesus who kisses me on the forehead and then embraces me; he says, I see you have time today and free to untangle your life, so be it. Now go and forget your personal life and enjoy the fruits of the Lord

I see myself walking along the path and feeling relieved from his words and relaxed; The world always expects from you, but the Lord wants me to exercise my free will and enjoy ME, we tend to forget that

I see myself thinking clearly and walking along my path, which I do not know where it leads or what will happen

I see myself seeing a man in the distance and he is sitting down against a tree, which is a huge one; He calls out when he sees and me and also says, free your mind

I see myself clearing my thoughts and not thinking too much, until I come closer and notice that I have seen him before; yet I don’t know his face or name

I see myself confused and sit beside him; he says I am YOU in another face, I am a part of an understanding a consciousness that you are not familiar with

I see myself listening; all organs or even cells are alive and functioning in your world, but they too have a face and senses too; They can come alive and even talk to you if you wish

I see myself listening further; I am from your inner secret mind that you have not accessed before; AS you know the mind is the size of a universe and it takes a lifetime for everything to be accessed and be heard; The mind is a library and I am here to remind you to access this as many times as you wish; It is for you and there is nothing holding you back, if it is knowledge you seek then so be it and if it is understanding then it is coming daily in wisdom

I see him continue; wisdom comes when things are being discussed to your liking and not forced upon; Man is every so moody and is inclined to one thing or the other; It is the very reason the Lord has made a variety of fruits and flowers because he gave them a choice to choose; not only this to find an avenue to his liking and pursue that in its perfect form

I see him adding; no matter what all wisdom and knowledge know comes through love and it is love that separates the ones who do not; for they either curse or even blow down the goodness in people and judge and judge again, until they have their say; Emotions too play a role in freeing the mind and finding the path of one choice; But nothing is right or wrong if our minds are free

I see myself thinking deeply and listening, he says; all is not lost but found in each day, when you awake from your slumber; I am your consciousness in a body for you to commune with when it is needed; I have been guiding you when others had not

I see him adding; search in me as you have been doing and you will find what you are looking for

I see him disappearing

I see that I have finished

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi