SoS055 - The Higher Aspect of Love


The Higher Aspect of Love, we need to Find

I see a path and Jesus arrives on a cloud and smiles; and I instantly ask if I could ride with him; he laughs and he pulls me in

I see myself embracing him and we speed off into the sky

I see Jesus explaining, Love is indeed all balance and out balance, for there is also chaos for the one who is in love or unloved; and he laughs

I see myself being puzzled for a moment and realise why he had laughed; he had let a riddle for me to evaluate what he said; I begin thinking and realise the wisdom of his words

I see him continue; love holds no boundaries but only expands but man has cut off this energy by embracing the material love of things which is a lower dimension and this has less energy and nourishes nothing; When man accepts this lower love, he yearns for a more fulfilling love; It is a cycle that keeps him unsettled and restless

I see Jesus touching my eyes and I become alert all of a sudden

I see Jesus continuing and saying; you need to experience the higher aspect of love NOW

I see him saying time for you to go dear one, and build upon my words

I see that I have finished

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi