SoS053 - Spreading the Word


Spreading the Word and living in my Glass dome

I see a path and I am encased in a glass dome and Jesus too is inside with me. He embraces me and says don’t worry I too live in this dome, It is special in many ways and offers protection from harmful gazing onlookers who are jealous and spread ill comments

I see him continue, this is not a tomb but positive energy from the highest energies of light you are housed in right now, so enjoy this light and breathe it in daily

I see him continue my dear one, sacrifices in the name of God is a common trait and together with comforts are needed daily and often you may be tired too; But remember your words are comfort to many and they need these words for them to choose there own path; Many have forgotten themselves and live an easy life thinking they are comfortably happy

I see him continue, nay they know not what is good for them, so write in the name of the Lord who has given you the sight of words from your divine self; and let them see what you see

I see myself thinking and absorbing his energy as he spoke,

I see a light encircling him and colours of the entire rainbow above his head, which made me smile and slightly distracted me; I continue listening and he said, never forget the son of a great mother you are who gave birth to you and knowing one day you will carry her words forth and to combine your own words to mankind

I see him continue; your mother gave words to a particular set of people and now you will finish off the rest of mankind; Together your mother and yourself have spread the word in almost every single country; that is your energies are present in every country, we applaud you both for your dedication and now you have to finish the rest of your mission to bring the light to people who are awake

I see him continue and say wait not who waits, but keep in the hearts of those who you love
I see the scenery changes

I see that I have finished

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi