SoS052 - Meeting my Grail Twin


Meeting my Grail Twin and advice from Jesus

I see a path and Jesus coming towards me walking on water; the path is surrounded by water; He greets me with a hug and says, consciousness is like water, fluid and runs into any channell, so do not restrict it but let it flow and see where it goes

I see him explaining and I listen carefully to the Jesus’ words making associations with my own experiences in life; It left me thinking and I knew his words meant something significant

I see myself walking down the path until I come to a wooden path, it was made of logs, and they were big in diameter and were solid; The wood was beautifully new looking and the eagerness to cross over the wooden path was too much; I carefully walk across the hundred meters or so of the path and stop until it changes back to its normal path

I see myself thinking why the path had changed; I kneel down to touch the wood, it has hard and solid which was expected and the grains in the wood were incredible; There were swirls and other notches in the wood to make it look more appealing to any onlooker; I say thank you to the wood, it was a natural thing to do for helping me get across

I see a cane beside me and instantly my super consciousness tells it was a gift from the wooden path for your gratitude you gave to it; It was made of the same new wood and it was long as me and it was too strong and solid

I see myself continuing along the path until I come across a deep river; I use the cane to get across by steadying myself in the water; The cane came to good use and was more of a staff rather then a cane, so long it was; It reminded me of Moses and his staff as my mind wondered and thought of those moments when he was around

I see myself continuing until I see a clearing ahead, it was a vast space and there was nothing for hundreds of miles; I thought to myself where do I go now; I could see for miles put there was emptiness all around and in every direction
I see my grail twin coming from the clouds and landing before me; I am thrilled to see her and we embrace; Instantly we exchange energies through our embrace it was like a transfer of thoughts, and emotions

I see myself instantly knowing what she is thinking and she too knows what I am thinking; She is a part of me, my divine feminine and I am the divine masculine; Together we unite to make a complete whole grail body that is a super consciousness

I see myself talking to her and we are both mesmerised with each other

I see myself walking along the vast emptiness together and all of a sudden there is a staircase going down, which was obscured and we find ourselves not going down but up; This made no sense as the staircase was below yet we are going up

I see we continue to go up and until we come to a vast openness of a beautiful meadow, I thought this could be paradise; The whole area was a like a beautiful garden and forest all combined and rivers flowing in many directions; then a hear the voice of Jesus calling us

I see him sitting down beside a river on the grass verge, which seems like he was fishing and there was a fire beside him; We go across and he stands up to embrace both of us; We sit down beside him and he catches three fishes in quick succession and we help him to get them out

I see him descale the fish and ask if I could help, but he insisted that we were his quests and he would do it; I felt ashamed but humbled by his gesture of hospitality and I thought what a wonderful example of a person he is

I see both of us watching him barbecue the fish and the smell was so inviting and made both of us hungry; He used big leaves as plates and he scooped the water from the water as a drink and it over in a glass, which was like a goblet; I had seen the goblet before from the picture of the last supper; it was ironic I thought to myself and Jesus smiled and winked knowing what I was thinking

I see a smile and a personality of Jesus which I had not known, he was more of a brother now rather then my Master, such was his warmness and caring nature

I see him talking and saying, it is time for both of you to utilise the time together and finding the inner wisdom of yourselves; both of you have amassed a personality that needs developing further and into the cosmos of knowledge; One cannot live without the other and it will hurt you both so stay combined in your hearts and support what is needed

I see him continue, what is needed is a deeper insight to flourish, so seek it out and it is upto you which direction you chose to go; Your energies are combined and come from the same source so do things together and thing togetherness as you have been doing

I see him give a needle and a thread and he says, use it well; and also he gives us a compass to find our way; The three items were for both of us and you will know what to do with them; I look confused but quickly change that thought, knowing anything from him would be significant

I see both of us kiss his hands but he returns the gesture and kisses ours

I see we are both crying and he smiles approvingly and says aha there is love between us, which increases each time you see me; He brings out a shawl and covers both of us and says, be united and go now; We stand up and depart together

I see we are showered with leaves and petals from birds, so sweet was the sight

I see the scenery changes

I see that I have finished

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi