SoS051 - With Jesus in the Underwater City


With Jesus in the Underwater City Atlantis Deep in the Ocean

I see a river flowing besides my path and Jesus walks to me and embraces; he says follow the river, so I continue my journey

I see myself being excited and so many journeys has made me think about myself and how I do things in my material life

I see myself following the river which was flowing at a steady pace besides my path and me thinking about how much I have learnt in the last few weeks

I see leaves flowing in the river and some have names on them and I thought this is strange; I quicken my pace as soon as I saw my name on one of those leaves; I try to catch it but the flow is just ahead of me; I am not even looking on my path anymore but running after my leaf, inside I has laughing

I see myself still running until the flow slows down and I am able to wade in the river and grab the leaf; as soon as I do realise the river is very deep and I am immediately sucked down; I panic and try to swim back up, but my super conscious tells me not too and breathe. I hesitate and start breathing and become calm

I see myself following the flow of the water which was gently pushing me to a direction, I feel more at ease and relax even further

I see a underwater coral everywhere, in many colours and others I have never before; there were fishes of all sizes swimming by and they were all curious who I was. They swam close to have a look and they swam away

I see a fish with a sea shell in its mouth and gives it too me, so nice and what a gesture; I look at it and it has words and a precious stone inside the shell, just about visible; I shake the shell and see several coloured stones, a ruby, emerald and a sapphire perhaps; There were only three stones visible

I see myself putting the shell in my pocket and meanwhile I am still following the current which is leading me somewhere, in a distance

I see a city made of coral and sea shells it is huge and lights can be seen; some house you can see through them and there were others which were very huge like skyscrapers; I was mesmerised by the colours and beauty of the city

I see a particular area filled with lights coming from a house; I observe and keep my distance; I wonder whose house it is and see many people moving around the place; I wonder if they can see me

I see myself observing until my eyes catch another area which looks like a garden; They were fishes which were tending it and whilst there where other people too, well they looked human and similar in appearance

I see the fishes wagging their tail to tend to the plants, which surprised me, that they were so intelligent

I see someone waving and I recognise instantly it was Jesus, I immediately swim across which takes me a couple of minutes

I see him in a house which has no door to my knowledge; I hesitate and knock on the glass and it opens; I go in and I am glad to see him; he says I am glad you made it safely, embracing me and kisses me on the forehead

I see him say there are many cities like this deep in the oceans that we are unaware off they too are intelligent and spiritual; It is like on earth if a person wishes to follow their spiritual path or material path it is upto themselves; The Lord always gives every person of all races that freedom of choice; But the soul and spirit will still help him in whatever choice or career he has decided upon

I see him continue, freewill has to be developed into an action that makes things happen and that energy begins to flow, otherwise like stagnant water it begins to smell and decays away; The property of the water change and loose its nourishment and vitality, it is the same with thoughts and ideas; Man must get more active and see himself and his life and ask, am I really happy or flowing a robotic routine that has left him with no ideas of himself; Silence is the key to man, to think clearly and be one with him

I see him point across an area where people are working or having fun or even talking, I was not sure, but there was some activity going on; Some swim across and wave to Jesus and he waves back

I see across other areas which are filled with flowers, but they were mainly underwater types and not any variety I have seen; There were many different types of see grass which were the size of trees decorating the areas and corals in between; I loved the area and thought will like to have a house here

I see myself looking deep and concentrating on a cave which caught my eye and ask Jesus were it led; He says that cave leads to the inner world and it is very deep going down; one day I will take you there but we have spent enough time here

I see myself nodding and Jesus holds my hand and immediately we are back to where I had started, he embraces again

I see that I have finished

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi