SoS050 - The Blessings of an Ascended Master


The Blessings of an Ascended Master

I see a path and Jesus there waiting for me and embraces me, he says don’t let your mind worry about earthly matters anymore, but focus within; This existence on earth is filled with consequences of events and happenings due to others; When we interact with others peoples reflectional personality and aura fields come into contact; When this happens we are stuck with emotions of others and this can sometimes stir up our own emotions; So let it be

I see myself thinking for a moment and Jesus points to a direction which looks like a forest; I head off in that direction

I see myself walking faster then normal as though I have increased energy, yet it seems natural to walk this way

I see a single tree on my path which is so unusual and I think there must be a meaning so I stop

It reminds of an Acacia tree yet I do not know what that tree looks like, my super conscious is telling me it is; I look at its branches and see nothing unusual except there is a bird’s nest at arms reach; but there is no bird to be seen; I wonder if I should have a look and decide to do so, I reach into the nest and grab an egg; It was the size of a tennis and perfectly egg shaped; It had specks on the egg, but knows I am mistaken

I see myself concentrating on the specks, but they were inscriptions; My super consciousness was telling me they were the formulae of love on the egg, which fascinated me; I could not work them out or understand them; Then to my surprise there was movement inside and a pecking sound; I thought oh my, it is hatching; I crack the egg a little and

I see a chick come out and settle in the palm of my hand; but it did not look like a baby chick at all but a mature one with complete array of feathers; It had a beautiful tail of yellow golden and orange which was about two inches long; The body feathers were mainly blue, a bright couloured and shades of blue; The beak too was yellow with red border eyes; The wings too had yellow golden feathers; Then to my surprise it began to sing and it was like a tune that went through the body, a mild melody and yet so incredibly beautiful; I wondered if I could keep it, I thought; I then thought this is my journey and I should, so I place the bird on my shoulders and walk along the path

I see myself coming closer to the forest and see a clearing which looked like a path going in

I see myself going in then to my surprise there is a house, perfectly round and filled with domes as a roof; It is huge in size and filled the forest; then I realise that it was not a forest but it was a garden belonging to the house holder; I notice a well tended area filled with scented flowers and rose bushes; there were flowers the size of dinner plates which I had not seen; There were many shades of colours I could not recognise as they do not exist at all on earth

I see myself heading to the door which was filled with diamonds and every kind of precious stone and it was inlaid with platinum and gold; There were seals of every Prophet on them, my super conscious was telling and it had a knocker

I see myself knocking at the door and the door opens and

I see Ascended Master Ali, who was a closer follower and trusted friend of Mohammed; He welcomes me in an embraces me tightly; he says that he has been waiting for me; I instinctly say I wish to give you a present and I my bird flies over and rests on his shoulders; Master Ali was so surprised and was overjoyed to see a beautiful bird; I too am relieved that he liked my present and says let me give you a present too

I see myself kneeling down and Master Ali places his hands on my head and begins to bless me; I feel a rush of energy into my head which settles down then another rush which feels like a rhythmic wave which spreads through my body and into cells; I feel sleepy as the energy makes me drowsy and then
I see myself coming round and being filled with more light; This blessing took some time and I continue to kneel before him; until my whole body was filled with light, but it was no ordinary light but Noor light

I see myself feeling filled to the top with Noor light and he then rubs my face as though he was washing it; He rubs my hands slowly and then my neck and hair; It was like having a shower but without the water;

I see him whisper some words, which I could not make out and he blows into my face; A scent of rose musk came from his breath and it settled into my face like a moisturiser and he rubs it in again; My face feels like it has been woken up and my nostrils feels woken up and I could smell things like never before

I see him keep blessing me and a thought occurs in my mind of one of his flowers in the garden, and instantly I could smell its scent; yet the doors were shut of the house and we were inside. I think wow, my smell senses has increased

I see him gently lift me up and hold me tightly again and say thank you again for this wonderful bird which I will name after you; I am humbled by his gesture and so pleased he liked the bird; Then I noticed my clothes had changed and I was wearing a robe from head to toe; It was decorated with embroidery and small precious stones and a seal which I recognise as my own; I feel happy and proud and he smiles back with approval

I see the scene changing and the words of Master Ali saying farewell ring in my ear

I see that I have finished

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi