SoS049 - I see lights coming from the mountain


Lights and Mountain

I see a path and Jesus says, I will meet you over there and points to a mountain a distance away and then disappears

I see myself being happy and full of energy and did not mind the distance was far away; as each time I never felt tired; I thank God and Jesus for coming to my aid in my spiritual journey in finding myself and the wisdom; for which I have much to learn, I say to myself

I see myself walking down the path and each time the mountain is getting nearer; as I look ahead

I see lights coming from the mountain going straight up or down; it was like a continuous flow, as I concentrate

I see the flow is downward and not up, I keep looking and see clouds in the flow of light

I see myself getting closer until a barrier blocks my way, which surprises me as Jesus has told me to meet him on the mountain; I begin to think it through but moving it would be useless as it a thorny bush; I stood there watching until I touch the bush and it disappears immediately; I think it was strange and the barrier was my own in not believing, this is how I felt inside

I see myself talking, barriers are what we put in ourself and if only we could free our mind and not worry or stress about small things; I kept on thinking and feeling what else could I do to wake me up further

I see Jesus close by at the base of the mountain and we greet with an embrace and says, now climb your mountain

I see myself finding a route around and up the mountain, which was a steady climb but not to difficult; I stop to rest half way up and

I see a stool and water by the side for me I feel to rest, for which I do; Several times climbing the mountain there was places to sit with provisions; I say a prayer and give thanks for my climb as it was made easier

I see myself reaching the top to see Qalandar Baba Aulia waiting for me; He was a wise spiritual man who also taught my mother much wisdom in her life; He passed away about 1979

I see myself embracing him and feeling ecstatic as this was the first time I had seen him; I beg forgiveness that I had not spent time reading his work or thinking of him; for which he smiles and says, but you have Shazi; Every step of your journey has your blessing and this blessing is a remembrance of how you learnt many years ago from my teachings; So you have remembered and there is no shame in my part

I see him embrace me again and tightly, I feel an energy come into my chest as he holds me tight, I instantly close my eyes and feel this warm energy penetrate my stubborn chest and into my heart; I felt useless and unwanted all of a sudden and thoughts raced through my mind about things that I had done in the past, which I wished would go away; But then I am reminded by my conscious that they were only experiences to get me here on this day

I see myself still being embrace and Baba Aulia was still holding me

I see myself melting inside and being washed and cleaned, I feel awaken within and washed several times; It was like a cleansing of energies that was imbedded into my heart and I could feel it pumping

I see myself being in the embrace for some time until I could feel the heart of Baba Aulia beating and my heart synchronising to the same beat; At first I feel frightened as the my heart missed some beats until it tuned to his heart

I see myself being calmed down with his embrace and feel light headed

I see Baba Aulia letting go and smiling and saying, you will feel better with this harmony; so be not afraid and your fears of the past have all been cleansed and soon you will forget them

I see myself being happy with his words, and he gives me his scarf and wraps it around my neck and kisses my forehead; I could feel a rush of energy in my head by his kiss; Tears begin to flow from my face and Baba Aulia wipes them off and says think of me ad I will help you

I see the scene changes and I am back where I had started

I see that I have finished

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi