SoS048 - The Diamond Meditation Path


The Diamond Meditation Path and Dragons

I see a path and Jesus walks over and smiles, we embrace and whispers, you are doing well

I see him sit down and say, it is time you spent raising your conscious level further to accommodate the energies which are closer to the Divine source; These energies carry messages which are important and are thus stronger in depth; You must learn to carry this weighty messages and the body too need to accustom to them

I see him continue; God has secrets as man is reckless and does harm unto himself; for he not know what is right or wrong and that which will benefit him in his life; Occasionally he may get this right and then only to sell short onto himself in another day; If he connects to his soul and his spirit then he may better his life

I see him say, it is important for you now to meditate and harmonise your inner balance; you need personal time to find this silence and hold it inside

I see him get up and I do as well, and I walk along my path saying farewell

I see myself thinking over the words he said and from no where a big diamond falls from the sky and a voice saying wear it on your head; I thought how it was as big as a fist, but I decided to rip my shirt and wrap it round my head

I see myself walking along then another voice says, wear it on your third eye, so I shift it over to my forehead

I see myself feeling a tingling sensation in my head and it circulates all over; I continue walking along and on my path, which became colourless; I bow down to look at the path, it was hard as rock, not glass I thought; In fact it was made out of diamonds, but a solid block, unblemished and perfectly made

I see myself touching the path and then thinking this must me worth billions, then my conscious reminds me, the path is not important but it is the journey and destination; so I get up and continue

I see myself walking for a while and the path is still the same until, I come across a pyramid and inside is a chair; it is about seven feet across and high, that too was colourless; In fact it is made out of diamonds too

I see myself sitting down and closing my eyes to meditate

I see myself sitting for a while and feel the energies inside whirling round like a tornado moving one way and then the other; it circulates around the upper body and then the lower regions then eventually earthing itself to complete a balance which remains me clear headed; Wow I thought

I see myself opening my eyes and in the palm of my hand is a plate with inscriptions on them, in a language I don’t understand; The plate smells of roses, and I take a deeper breath to smell the scent again; By the side I see a tap pouring slowly with water, which was radiating light; I instantly put the plate to get some water; The inscriptions begin to wash away and the water in the plate turns a rose red; The smells was so fantastic and intoxicating, I drink the water slowly

I see myself feeling light headed and the rose water was like a meal in itself; I could feel the goodness in me and the stomach too came alive; I put the plate down and continue on my journey along the diamond path

I see a man in a distance away, but soon disappears; nevertheless I head in that direction; On the ground there is a plate of food and it is still warm; There were potatoes, carrots and fish; On top was garnished with different coloured rose petals; The fork at the side was made of diamonds too, I look around thinking should I eat it; my conscious tells it was meant for me, so I start eating

I see myself eating and thinking the tastes are completely different from what we get on earth; I finish everything and by the side

I see there is a glass of orange juice and drink it down immediately, I felt completely full, but not heavy in the stomach

I see myself thinking, I am well fed today and continue along and by this time there are rose petals on the path

I see the path being covered completely with them; it feels cool when I walk along barefooted

I see a house and I walk closer to it and open knock on the door; the sound of my knocking was like a chime or close to singing; it was beautiful to here the noise of my knocking as the sounds harmonised my ears; I felt tuned into the sound; I knock politely and carefully not to overdo it

I see a voice asking me to come in, the door opens up and behind is a tall man about six feet or so in a robe, head to toe. I do not recognise him but he had a wise and smiley face

I see him take me to a fountain which was twenty or so feet across, in the middle was a place with cushions on the floor, he tells me to meditate in the middle and focus on the sounds of the water running

I see myself sitting down cross-legged and resting for a while and then closed my eyes; Instantly I see a dragon flying around the sky, it reminded of the Chinese dragons on their new year when they march along; It is fierce and fire is spewing out of his mouth

I see that the dragon is huge and the sky is filled with its smoke, I see a village and people running around feeling scared from its threat; I feel that I have to do something, so I fly across to hit the dragon; it is surprised and stares at me confused and then it quickly flies away

I see myself coming round from my meditation and the man tells me to wash in the fountain, which I do

I see the water change many times as it runs over my body

I see myself walking out of the house

I see that I have finished

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi