SoS047 - My Spiritual home the size of a city


My Spiritual home the size of a city

I see a path and Jesus greets me with an embrace and says I SEE YOU, to which I reply, please do and help me in my path; he nods with a smile

I see myself walking down the path and a burst wind comes my way, which takes me back a couple of steps, which surprises me; I wait and see what is going on; but there was nothing and the wind had passed through

I see myself thinking what had happened but continued walking along my path, until I see a man making a wooden stool; he is so occupied with himself that he does not notice

I see him struggling away and am stuck on getting the stool lengths; I ask if I could help; he was happy and said yes; Together we measured out the lengths and then the seat and went about assembling the stool; It took some time and when he finished he attached a golden thin rope around the sides, so that anybody could put it around their shoulders instead of holding it

I see him being very happy and he says, this stool is for YOU and embraces me and kisses me on the cheek; I was surprised by his kind gesture and gladly accepted it

I see myself putting the stool behind my back and carrying on with my journey along the path; Until I come across a lake and I could see another path on the other side

I see that there is no other way accepts across the other side and wading in the water was out of the question

I see myself being stuck and feeling helpless, I really wanted to go on the other side; and then I remember Iqramus my trusted guide and helper, I thought of him coming to me immediately

I see myself keeping that thought for a few seconds and immediately

I see a cloud coming down and I see him, we get on and follow the path in our cloud vehicle; I asked him to stay with me and just follow the path, just in case if the path was obstructed

I see we follow the path, by this time had changed colours several times from all the colours of the rainbow until It changed to a mercury silver colour and I decided to get off and continue walking the rest

I see myself walking down this mercury path and my stool around my shoulders until I come across a mercury coloured door. It was at least three feet wide and seven feet high; My journey had come to a halt and there was no way round but going through the door

I see myself pushing the door but their was no way moving it, as it was shut; then I decide to knock on the door, but their was no reply; I thought of flying over it with Iqramus, but that was out of the question as the door was holding a force field around; It looked like a shimmering cloudy image all around this field; Perhaps I was not meant to go through

I see myself standing and thinking and become tired, I use the stool to sit down and rest

I see myself thinking for a while and the hours just went by and I was still calm and enjoyed my rest

I see myself closing my eyes and meditating and focused on my innerself and forgot about the door and my path

I see myself harmonising and balancing my energies around the body and then earthing them down to my feet; I stayed in meditation for almost an hour and open my eyes; To my surprise the door was open and the door to had changed in appearance; There was a seal at the door and it had my name on it and an emblem which also belonged to me; I was surprised and elated that the door had opened

I see myself examining the seal and an emblem with my hands

I see myself going through the door to a house, it was no house it was huge, with domes and big rooms; It reminded me of a dream I had several years ago and this is exactly what I saw

I see myself going into the house, it was the size of a city and went for miles, it had domes as a roof and different coloured walls and interior, from inlaid with golden thread to beautiful carpets and ceramic tiles on the floor; It was huge and I realised that every door I entered into each room had my seal and emblem; I realised this huge house was mine; I was shocked at the reality of it all

I see myself going to a room with a wooden desk; I sit down and put my stool by the side; I sat on a chair which was contoured to my seat, it was so comfortable

I see to the side a huge fish tank, it must have been twenty feet across and seven feet high

I see fishes that I have never seen before swimming around and some look at me and stop; I was compelled to wave at them and they get excited and start swimming quickly in circles, I laugh at the site of them

I see myself admiring my fish tank which too had my seal and emblem

I see myself sitting down and admiring my house and was mesmerised and taken aback of it all

I see myself feeling happy until a here a knock at the side of a door, I open to see; I see Jesus asking permission to come in and I lead him to a chair which was like a throne in the room; I sit beside another chair beside him

I see myself asking about my house and why I was given such a beautiful house; He says with a smile, so you like it dear one, then I am glad; this is one house of many in each reality you go into and each dimension; They serve many purposes from entertaining other spiritual souls and for inviting other souls to stay with you; The house will take you a long time to explore through each room and you should that and find hidden secrets in the house for yourself; Even I am not sure because it is your house; This house is also your meditation or contemplation area and you can feel at peace; No one can see through this house it is totally private for your use

I see myself listening, and Jesus continues, in time you will have a purpose for each room and why there are so many; So be happy and enjoy the setting

I see we both embrace and the scene changes immediately

I see that I have finished

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi