SoS046 - A Spiritual Gift, a seashell


A Spiritual Gift, a seashell inlaid with Mother of Pearl

I see a path and Jesus embraces me and says, come with me; he grabs my arm and we fly off into the sky; We travel so fast and into the sky, I thought wow this is great; We continue upwards and at every few seconds Jesus checks if I was alright; I was feeling ecstatic and elated

I see a cloud ahead and we enter the cloud and immediately I am dropped off and Jesus flies away; Then I realise that I am standing on an ocean of water; It was huge and everywhere was water, it was really blue and I could see some redness too; In fact the water had all the colours of the rainbow in it

I see myself concentrating on the water and I feel drowsy so I sit down; I feel the water coming over my body and holding me; Then I suddenly go into the water, I can feel I am going deeper and deeper into the water, but I can breathe and I am not afraid

The see that I am in a sleepy state but can still the depths of the water and its colours, until we stop and I see Jesus at the bottom of the ocean, smiling at me

I see him wear a long tunic which looked as a graduation robe heavily embroidered; He calls me over and I walk across and swim a little to him

I see him give a seashell; it was a mixture of a snail shell but with different colours on the shell and mother of pearl on the base and bottom of the shell; He says; use it wisely, when the time comes. I thought what I will do with this shell, however it was beautiful; I did not question him, accepting it will come to good use soon

I see myself being happy and still looking at the shell

I see that I have finished

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi