SoS045 - The Emerald green shower


The Emerald green shower and an Oath imprinted on my Arm

I see a path and Jesus is there with a warm smile and hugs me immediately; and asks how you are today; I am a lot better after getting mu sleep back, thanks to you; He smiles and shows the way to go ahead

I see a multicoloured jewel ahead of me, about 300metres away; its shine captures the eye; I walk towards it with a pace to see what it is; as soon as I get close it vanishes; I am surprised and look around to see where it went

I see myself continue on the path then the same jewel appears at a distance; so I continue to walk towards it and again it disappears

I see myself thinking this is a game someone is playing on me, but I remained calm and I continue along the path

I see rain clouds ahead and soon they are above me and it begins to rain. I did not mind getting wet and the water on my face made it cool down; The rain came heavier and I enjoyed that too, taking time to enjoy the moment once again

I see at a distance, once the clouds, passed by a mountain, with shining lights at a rhythm; It reminded me of a lighthouse, the way it was shining; I regarded it as a sign so I walked towards the mountain; As I approach the base of the mountain I could see an elevator, so I go in; immediately it starts going to the top

I see myself getting at the top and see four men wearing long robes and an embroidered scarf; As I approach them I noticed they all had different scarfs and they heavily inlaid with precious jewels and gold thread

I see them talking amongst each other like friends do, until they see me and stop; They all embrace me and three of them disappear

I see myself standing with a tall man over 6ft tall with long shoulder hair and a small beard; He reminded me of Jesus but it was not him;
I see him offer me the jewel from before and said, this is yours to keep, look into the depth of this jewel and find that depth, and then the person disappeared; I was puzzled but I decided to as he instructed

I see myself sitting down and being relaxed, I looked at the colours of the jewel shining against the light, it was the size of my fist and I could see it was growing

I see myself staring for a time and see the jewel grow a tiny bit at a time; The jewel was big enough but to see it grow was amazing, I thought wow, really weird that is

I see all of a sudden a light come out and go into my forehead, I immediately close my eyes and felt the tingling sensation caused by its presence inside me; I remain in this state for a while until I opened my eyes to see the jewel still in my hand

I see myself still staring at the jewel until another green light with shades of jade, and emeralds in its light; the light hovers above me and rains down like a shower

I see myself enjoying the green shower and the wetness. The shower continued until I am soaking wet; but I did not mind, it felt as though I was been cleansed

I see myself sitting there in my wetness and the green light still hovering above my head, then I felt a heat above, I could see the heat was from the light; I then see myself slowly drying off and to my astonishment I could see a green tattoo on my inner left arm

I see it was a circular tattoo and with symbols and it were mainly different shades of green; The tattoo reminded me of a police badge as the inscriptions had a tree in the middle and an oath, which read, to serve the Soul

I see myself still looking at the tattoo which regarded as an oath tattoo and decided it was best to call that, an Oath
I see myself slowly falling asleep and the jewel was in my hand still

I see that I have finished

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi