SoS044 - The Inner Bridge Opening


The Inner Bridge Opening of my Light Body

I see a path and Jesus is waiting for me, we greet and then sit down

I see him explain; something’s are not meant to be known only at a particular time when mans consciousness is able to understand and comprehend the knowledge or insight

I see ourselves getting up and me walking down the path

I see myself continuing down until I come upon a man sitting down with a club. It reminded me of the cave man used to use in hunting prey, I stay for a moment then move on

I see myself seeing another man this time he has a spear, it is very long and it reminded me of the ones in Africa; again I move on

I see myself coming across a man who has a bone, a thigh bone and I wonder why he has one; but he just sits and does nothing. He is completely motionless and devoid of all emotions, so I move on

I see myself walking down another path and come across two men embracing each other, I wonder why and ask; But they do not respond and so I continue down the path

I see myself coming across a man and women being happy and laughing repeatedly, I realise they cannot see me, so I continue along the path

I see that the paths split, one going to the left the other to the right, and I wonder which direction, until I hear Jesus’ voice telling me o take the left, so I do; As I do

I see pebbles and it reminded me of the beach, but the path is covered in them, tiny, small and medium size ones; They are everywhere and all the shades of stone were there and some in a sandy colour too; As I walk along

I see a light coming from the pebbles in one certain area; I walk closer to have a look; I realise that they were not stones but something else; I clear some space by moving the pebbles and sat down looking at a clutch of them emitting light to the surroundings

I see myself picking up one and immediately realise that it is really heavy, I struggle to hold to pebble and wonder why such a tiny pebble weigh so much; I replace the pebble and put it back on the ground concentrating on the light

I see that the pebble was of two colours, sandy beige and a light grey like stone; Then I notice the light was coming from a small tiny hole from the side; I go down to have a closer look; The light was like a mercury colour coming out like a lightning and shooting up in the sky; Feeling brave I touch this light and instantly feel its structure and makeup; It was like reading a book and I understood what the light was for

I see myself sitting down and thinking and it began to talk, the light did; in a language I did not understand; The light became a face and then a smile, I could see

I see it began to talk softly and each sentence it said was felt in my heart, I felt heaviness then it would subside; I felt it was imprinting something in my chest; Now I know, it is the knowledge it was saying

I see that this will unfold later in my life or even earlier when the time is right

I see myself listening attentively and watching the shades of light change when he talked to me; it was like a light show and kept me focused, even though I did not understand, but somehow it did not matter

I see my heart, as I look within; filling with lights and knowledge what the light face was teaching me

I see myself stopping him and asking him, what his name was, he smiled and said I am your light body from another dimension; I transferred down through this pebble into this dimension; This was the only body I could use that was not polluted at the time, so I could give you a clear and accurate message Shazi

I see myself nodding my head, and it made perfect sense

I see myself continuing to listen and the effects felt in my heart for several hours until the light body smiled and said farewell

I looked at the other light pebbles and realised that they were for someone else and they too were waiting to give their messages

I see myself being drowned in humbleness and humility and out of love I said hello to the rest of the pebbles around me, perhaps a dozen or so Incredible they all came out their pebbles and embraced me

I see myself being so overwhelmed and began to cry, first softly and then openly; So much love I felt by them all and so many different and lovely light faces too; I felt their love was being transferred to me and this love was so overwhelming; I wept for sometime and they wiped the tears of my face and some even kissed my cheek

I see myself listening to them but I could not understand, but the love was felt in my heart; They all hugged me together in one embrace and we stayed like that for a while; then I realised it was time to go

I see myself finding my way back and around the beginning, time did not matter

I see Jesus again and the sight of him makes me weep again openly; He holds me tight and whispered I know, I know. With his hands he wipes away my tears and kisses my forehead

I see your happiness is returning and this was a gift of understanding and your patience to SEE what others cannot comprehend

I see that I have finished

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi