SoS043 - The Multicoloured Diamond Collar


The Multicoloured Diamond Collar

I see a path and Jesus coming towards me saying, often we have to do the right thing and decisions in life must be made when things collapse

I see him taking his collar off his shirt and placing it around my neck, it was threaded black with gold; I lift the collar away to have a better look and

I see that it has tiny diamonds al over the collar, and these diamonds were in different colours; There were black, blue. Yellow, green, red, darker blue, Buddha orange, and pink, they covered the whole collar

I see myself asking Jesus what they are for, Jesus replies they have multiple purposes and they also give you protection from harm; You will were this everyday without you knowing, it will protect from harm and feed your conscious the correct energies to progress through your life

I see myself listening; Jesus adds, for each venture out in your spiritual journey there is energy doors and keys to be opened; it is not a case you can walk into one area or another; They all have securities the shape of energy fields and they have to be opened and reached at this frequency to participate

I see myself asking Jesus, it is not a matter just walking into any area, but I need permission first anywhere I go; precisely, said Jesus, these are levels of trust which have to be gained steadily as you mature in the spiritual sense; The collar is a key to certain places on your path; there will be no guard asking for it or any password, but it is done at energy level; The diamonds on each collar emit a precise frequency which is read by the conscious zone, realm, place or surrounding; and the doors become open.

I see myself listening, not only that it has my seal on it and that of Mohammad too; So it adds weight to your case wherever you go as energy zones will recognise these seals

I see him add; we are honouring your path and sponsoring the knowledge you are learning each day

I see that I have finished

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi