SoS042 - A Walking Stick


A Walking Stick a gift from Jesus

I see a path and Jesus calmly walking towards me with a walking stick and hands it to me; I think wow a gift from Jesus and I embrace him immediately and he laughs and kisses me on the forehead

I see him say now use it and go down this path; I follow what he has said and set off

I see myself examining the walking stick very closely and walking down the path. The would is so smooth and the wood grains of whirls is amazing and then I notice an emblem and etching on the side; It was the same before and recognised it as my own; I thought wow it has my signature on it an emblem

I see myself still continuing to examine the walking stick and I stroke and feel the smoothness of the wood; I realise that as I stroke it there is a milky substance that permeates out; It feels like a moisturiser and I immediately rub it on my forearm; Yes it is I think to myself and rub it hard until it is gone; I think that is nice something with different uses too; I begin to stroke gently the stick and let the milky moisturiser, which I decided to call it now, out and start to rub it on my face and over my arms, smiling in between like a cheeky child

I see myself continuing along the path and using my walking stick until I come upon Jesus who says you need to come back dear one, for there is much to do for you today, did you like your walking stick; I reply its fantastic and embrace him and kiss his cheeks; It has moisturiser wow, I say to him; Jesus laughs and says can I have some; I immediately stroke the walking stick and gather the moisturiser and rub it over his arms; I then begin to rub his face too and neck; He smiles and says you have healing hands, massage me more; I continue to massage his neck and his whole arm

I see him say thank you and we walk back smiling to where we started our journey

I see that my journey has finished.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi