SoS041 - The Jewelled Bracelet


The Jewelled Bracelet and the Man with white eyes

I see a path and Jesus embraces me and puts a bracelet around my wrist, I look at it with amazement

I see it is a thin band of platinum gold and they are covered with precious stones

I see Jesus say, there is every single precious stone in this bracelet and those which have not been discovered as well; Wear this with pride and think not that your life was worth nothing, but no; Those experiences had made you the person you are and the humility to see beyond and KNOW is you doing

I see that there are things to sort out, but be assured we are with you each day and have our protection

I see myself saying thank you Jesus and does the bracelet have a significance, to which he replies; Oh dear one, there is much significance for it is the way of your knowledge which will be past down; Every jewel is a library of knowledge and this is what you will receive if you so wish to desire

I see myself looking closely to the bracelet and one particular one catches my eye; It is white stone similar to pearls in colour but not; There is bluish strand that flows through the stone and as I concentrate further I can see a light; It is teeny light which is just about noticeable; As I concentrate further the light energy increases and keeps on increasing; until it is a bulb the size of a finger nail

I see myself concentrating and looking at this light in the white stone, then

I see a portal open up, it is the size of a door which surprises me and I am sucked into it; I find myself spiralling down a white tunnel and around me are flashes of light everywhere

I see myself not being afraid but wondering what is at the end of this portal

I see myself arriving at a stream and there is a man sitting down wading his feet in the water

It is a beautiful place and there is a gentle breeze flowing through the area and a scent of roses is everywhere; I am thinking wow, what a place; The grassy verge catches my eye so well attended to I thought; There are rose bushes everywhere and the source of this scent

I see myself approaching this man and he senses my presence and stands up to greet me; He embraces me and laughs which I am surprised; He says do you know who I am

I see myself closely having a look at his face to see if I could recognise him

I see myself looking and scrutinising his face, until I notice his white eyes. I thought I have never seen a man with white eyes; He stood over six feet tall and more excellent physical and human like appearance, but the eyes where different

I see myself knowing him, but where

I see him say, I am YOU and I immediately resonate with his words and say of course I am; As though that was a silly question

I see him say I am a superior consciousness of you in the future, past present and which you access as you desire; Over a period of time I will guide and bestow upon you insight; This insight will give you the boost to climb the hill you wish to seek; I am a conscious of desire and passion filled with immense energy; Not like the definition of worldly words but I am the size of a planet; This is how big my consciousness is and this expands to the size of a galaxy; So imagine what can be held in a galaxy and you will see the depth of my insight

I see myself getting excited and embrace the other Me, and ask what is your name and he says it is the same as yours, for I am YOU; I smile and wonder how I got those white eyes; He immediately picks upon this and adds; My white are eyes are filled with Noor light the reason of its colour, but technically they are not white but appear so; They are actually a cloudy white in colour of Noor

I see myself coming closer to inspect to find that his eyes were indeed a cloud and they were moving around slowly, like a cloud passing by; Then I notice the Noor light inside the eyes beaming inside and reflecting back from the sides of the wall; I thought wow how amazing

I see myself move back and embrace again thinking when we will meet;

I see myself going back

I see that I have finished and arrive at the point of me staring at the bracelet and the white stone

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi