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Title Created Date
SoS041 - The Jewelled Bracelet 17-May-2013
SoS042 - A Walking Stick 17-May-2013
SoS043 - The Multicoloured Diamond Collar 18-May-2013
SoS044 - The Inner Bridge Opening 19-May-2013
SoS045 - The Emerald green shower 20-May-2013
SoS046 - A Spiritual Gift, a seashell 20-May-2013
SoS047 - My Spiritual home the size of a city 21-May-2013
SoS048 - The Diamond Meditation Path 22-May-2013
SoS049 - I see lights coming from the mountain 22-May-2013
SoS050 - The Blessings of an Ascended Master 23-May-2013
SoS051 - With Jesus in the Underwater City 24-May-2013
SoS052 - Meeting my Grail Twin 25-May-2013
SoS053 - Spreading the Word 25-May-2013
SoS054 - The Journey of finding Seven hearts 26-May-2013
SoS055 - The Higher Aspect of Love 27-May-2013
SoS056 - The Face of my Consciousness 29-May-2013
SoS057 - The Purple Shower 29-May-2013
SoS058 - The Fluid energy of Nature 31-May-2013
SoS059 - The Path of Scenes and Fluid energy 01-Jun-2013
SoS060 - The Life force flowing effortless 03-Jun-2013
SoS061 - Lost in the Forest 04-Jun-2013
SoS062 - The beauty of man 04-Jun-2013
SoS063 - The Healing Stones 05-Jun-2013
SoS064 - The Lighthouse 07-Jun-2013
SoS065 - The Peacocks feather 07-Jun-2013
SoS066 - The Healing Symbols 08-Jun-2013
SoS067 - The Rejuvenation Portal 09-Jun-2013
SoS068 - The Throne of Command 10-Jun-2013
SoS069 - The SELF is in the KNOWING 11-Jun-2013
SoS070 - The Cleansing of Past Karma 12-Jun-2013
SoS071 - The Wealth of Unhappiness 14-Jun-2013
SoS072 - The Goblet and Globe 14-Jun-2013
SoS073 - Neptune GOD of the Oceans 15-Jun-2013
SoS074 - Being Covered by the Wings 24-Jun-2013
SoS075 - Each diamond given 24-Jun-2013
SoS076 - Mary, mother of Jesus 24-Jun-2013
SoS077 - A loaf of bread 25-Jun-2013
SoS078 - My Chest covered 25-Jun-2013
SoS079 - Five Trees with Five books 26-Jun-2013
SoS080 - The Diamond Birds 29-Jun-2013