SoS040 - The Gift of Ivory Silks


The Gift of Ivory Silks and Quill from a Snake Man

I see a chair in a distance away and Jesus comes to embrace me and laughs, he says would you like to sit on that chair

I see myself being daring and with a mischievous smile said yes, Jesus laughs louder and playfully says go ahead

I see a path being birthed by my steps and it is golden

I see myself coming closer to the chair and wonder if it was worth sitting on it; but I am reminded by my thoughts of Jesus laughing loudly

I see myself close to the chair and begin to examine it; it was only an ordinary looking chair, wooden with no rests

I see a smile in my face, and say never mind, it was not important about the looks, and sit down; Immediately the scene changes and I am in a tunnel, like a portal spiralling across somewhere

I see myself continuing until it slowly comes to a rest and the scene changes again into a mountainous region; There were everywhere small and large boulders in this rocky mountainous region; I thought how strange but wonderful; I begin to explore the region

I see a snake coming towards me and I am weary and step back; as if immediately the snake turns into a man; He is taller then I wearing a garment head to toe like a running track suit

I see him smile and say be not afraid and welcomes me to his home, which I look around to see where it could be; I look back at the man to see him point to a mountain; yet again I am puzzled, but I walk ahead towards the direction

I see that I come closer and the mountain opens up to reveal an entrance and inside are rock furniture and feel homely inside

I see him say that he was ordered to give you a gift, and he goes away and comes back with a full bail of silk which was an ivory colour and with a satin finish

I see myself being humbly honoured to be given such a gift, he smiles and moves backwards one step; I hold the cloth in both hands which is a metre across and has some weight to it

I see myself wearing a robe of this colour and wondered what it would look like, and then the man presents me with a pen; It is no ordinary pen; it is a quill pen with an ivory engraving at the top; I thought wow, how nice

I see myself holding the pen and the scene vanishes and I am in the portal one again

I see that we arrive back

I see that I have finished

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi