SoS039 - The Conscious Clouds laden with Pearls


The Conscious Clouds laden with Pearls

I see a rose on my path, the path is yellow and a single full bloomed rose is resting on a bed of leaves

I see that I am drawn to the beauty of this rose and lift it up and smell its fragrance; with a deep breath I inhale its scent

I see a smile on my face and hold the rose to my face, and my sight reminds me that Jesus was waiting beyond that rose

I see Jesus and he says the rose is yours to keep so wear it with pride and keep it close to you where ever you go

I see him point in a direction which is a valley filled with tall trees, so I make may way there

I see myself walking down the path which has now turned green towards the valley, with my rose on my shirt

I see that I cross a shallow stream towards the valley and enter the forest

I see minds everywhere, no; they are consciousness, just floating like a cloud; I am puzzled and never seen anything like it before

I see myself asking the question, why would consciousnesses be floating in the forest, then I decide to move closer to one

I see and look closely at the cloud shape and see swirling ripples and waves of energy inside; It reminded me of mine hurricanes and tornadoes

I see myself smiling and almost laughing at the sight; but stop myself, I look and concentrate deeper into this consciousness and see a single pearl emerging out of the cloud; It rose above and I grab it and look at it carefully, but it disappears

I see another rise above and the same happens, when I move forward to grab it disappears

I see another one rise above the cloud, but this time I watch it float in the air; I instead embrace the pearl in my mind and instantly it falls on my hand

I see the pearl which is double the size of normal one. Its brilliance is all for the lookers and it is beautiful; no one can deny its drawing power of this pearl

I see the pearl and all the reflections radiating outwards; a thought occurs to smell it, which I do; The scent is like a musky earthy smell but divine and pleasant

I see the pearl has a name and it is inscribed in small calligraphic style; which is my name

I see the scene changes and I am back on the yellow path

I see that I have finished

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi