SoS038 - The Three River Crossings


The Three River Crossings

I see a path and further down the path Jesus is waiting for me

I see myself crossing a river which appeared all of a sudden, it was only knee high deep

I see myself getting across and brushed the water of my trousers, only to find another river in front of me

I see myself looking back and then forward wondering where did another river come from; I pause and look in the direction of Jesus who says, come on hurry up, I am over here

I see myself quickly getting into the water again which is now thigh deep, hoping in the back of my mind that there will be no more surprises

I see myself getting across and being thankful, and once again I brush the water away from my trousers only to find another river flowing in front of me

I see it is a different river filled with colours of the rainbow;

I see electrical currents of energy flowing quickly through the river, it is amazing to watch; and then it dawns on me that I have to across this river to see Jesus

I see myself calling out to him, saying how could I cross this river, he replies it is nothing, you will be fine, trust me

I see myself taking a deep breath and breathe out and walk into the flowing river, there is a tingling feeling as soon as the water touches my skin

I see myself being instantly tired and drained all of a sudden, I begin to struggle as the water as now upto my waist

I see myself being drained of energy and feel that I am fading away; and that I will not be able to make it

I see myself being desperate and call out his name, he says don’t worry I’m coming, I then feel a hand grab mine and onto the side and across the river

I see myself dropping to the ground, fully exhausted

I see Jesus say, you have not slept fully for almost a week, you will now. He wasted away the worries and cleanses them completely away; so believe dear one

I see that I have finished

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi