SoS037 - The Mountain Capped with Noor Light


The Mountain Capped with Noor Light

I see a path and Jesus says come on I have something for you, I quickly hurry towards him, then says not me and points to a mountain in the distance

I see it is a long away and think how I would travel that far; it looks exactly like the mountains here with a snow capped on top

I see that I walk reluctantly towards the mountain, thinking that is no way I will make it in the time; immediately I here the voice of Jesus say, I am with you and so believe in me; I quickly rely back, feeling guilty that my thoughts had given up so easily, saying yes Jesus I will believe and then quicken my step

I see myself walking and continue to head along this path and several hours has passed and the mountain still looks far way and as though I have made no impression in coming nearer

I see myself remembering the words of Jesus not to loose hope and believe

I see a voice telling me to call upon Iqramus my protector and guide which I had met in an earlier channelling

I see myself thinking how do I call upon him, there is no one here; then immediately a voice tells me, your intention use it dear one; in response I imagined Iqramus in front if me and instantly he appears

I see myself shocked that it worked so well

I see myself embracing him and being happy he came

I see him beside is cloud looking vehicle from before and told him wear I wanted to go and immediately we were off to the snow capped mountain

I see after a short while in the cloud vehicle we arrive on top of the snow capped mountain and get off with Iqramus at my side

I see that the snow was not snow but a flowing river of white light; it reminded me of my mother’s interpretations and writings describing this light as ‘Noor’, a deep intense light

I see myself walking on this Noor light, which is flowing out slowly like a river spilling out when it is full; It is cloudy and white in appearance and I marvel at the sight

I see myself trying to touch it and it quickly spreads inside me, as if a connection had been made; Instantly like a current it flows inside and spreads everywhere to every cell in my body

I see myself saying, wow, I felt the presence

I see a stool ahead so I walk towards it and sit down; then notice the view all around

I see myself realising it is so high many thousands of feet, then a voice says, no, it goes in miles; I thought wow I was miles above the path, amazing

I see myself resting my hands on the stool, then notice the stool itself; it is like no other and as I stand up to examine it, to see it is completely inlaid with mother of pearl; The colours were amazing,

I see purples and all shades of the rainbow in its pearl colour and feel so smooth; besides the stool

 I see a bag, I go down to pick it up and see a sandwich and a drink

I see myself eating the sandwich which tasted quite odd and the drink too was cloudy, like the Noor light

I see myself slowly eating the sandwich which after every bite was getting tastier each time, until I start eating it quickly, only to recognise that it will not finish

I see myself stopping to have a look at the sandwich and it was the same when I got out of the bag; I was amazed and put it back in the bag

I see myself opening the drink and gulping it down in one go, only to realise it was also full when I had finished, so strange again

I see a something at the bottom of the bag; it was an emblem my high self was telling me

I see it reminded me of a police badge from the movies but this one is the size of my whole hand

I see the emblem had the same inscription of the flame torch I had seen before, I recognized it immediately and realised that it belonged to me

I see the bag belonged to me

I see myself going back to the river of Noor light and enjoying the view

I see a call saying it is time to leave

I see myself entering the vehicle

I see that I have finished

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi