SoS036 - My Heart is a Golden flame


My Heart is a Golden flame burning brightly on my Spiritual Path

I see a path and Jesus is smiling and embraces me tightly

I see him say, aha you are feeling better, I am pleased, but still need a few days to settle down; the worse is over; Now go and see what surprises are waiting for you; we embrace again and I head off onto the path

I see a torch burning in a distance; it is large and reminds me of the Olympic torch which the athletes used to run with when opening the games

I see it burning brightly and the dance of the flames is unique like no other, and I continue to head closer to the flame

I see that I am upon the flame which is towering about thirty feet above; as I concentrate and look at it closely; it is housed in a golden holder with inscribed in a language I have not seen

I see the inscription is not from this world definitely, I feel and perhaps it is a language yet to be discovered; as I continue to ponder, I am told it is the language of the heart and this flame is the burning desire of your heart

I see that I closely listen to my inner voice continuing; this flame burns and its fuel is your consciousness and the ideas, actions and steps you have made on your spiritual path; There has never been a burning flame so brightly; it is so as your desire is so intense to be successful in finding the truth; It is the truth that you seek and this flame is all to see.

I see that I continue to listen, dear one this flame is a statue, a monument for your determination and it is a land mark for all to see in the spiritual realm; others have passed by and have recognised and seen who this person is, and are not surprised; For those who were not aware of you are now know your name; The inscription is your name, written in the language of the soul which all souls can read from the outside dimensions of this Earth; We applaud you dear one for making such sacrifices and being patient when others had given up; Now look at the flame again;

I see myself looking and admiring the beauty of the flame

I see it has changed colour and feel it is because of my presence; the flames are golden with lights flashing out like lightning into the air; I follow the lightning into the air and see it towers hundreds of feet before disappearing; I continue to watch

I see silver flames like mercury coming out and then reds, blues and then a colour that I have not seen before; my mind does not register anything closely to it

I see the inscription glowing and here my inner voice telling me, when anybody comes near the inscription comes alive to reveal the name; The display too becomes vibrant such is the celebration of your heart being recognised with other such souls; It is monuments for those who have stride forward in there lives and continue to do so

I see him continue; this path is special for those spiritual souls that carry the words of the Lord in there chest and heart; you are that person

I see the flame diminishing and shrinking in size, which surprises me

I see the flame and holder shrink even further to the size of my hand, then

I see it entering inside of me and into my heart; I feel it is a cool flame and not harmful at all; I can feel it has weight and its presence has send a shiver down my spine; I can feel its energy and makes me smile

I see another flame replacing the one inside of me appear like the one before on the path and of the same size

I see the scenes changes and I have finished

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi