SoS035 - The Fruits of Inner healing


The Fruits of Inner healing

I see another me in front of me

I see Jesus walking down a path and says now merge with your SELF

I see other self walk into ME and wear my body dress, I can feel a tingling all over my body and begin to shake and move my limbs

I see the shaking has stopped and my eyes open and see Jesus smiling and saying go along your path now

I see a path open in front of me, it is like a multicoloured jewelled path that opens widely and keeps expanding then merging together later down the path and in between this space are big fruit trees of every variety of fruit

I see myself walking along and picking fruit in excitement and laughing

I see myself taking a bite from each of the ones I pick and they disappear to give a chance to have and taste another fruit

I see my mouth being full and yet my stomach wants more, so tasty the fruits are and happily I sit down against a tree

I see a date falling down on my lap, it is the size of my first finger and I bring it close to my nose to smell it. It smells of a hint of lavender and roses that is the closest thing my self could come up with, but the scent is completely different. I can feel it is healing my inner body and opening the hunger channels inside of me

I see and remember that I have not eaten properly for three days in my physical life and I was being healed to open my energy levels and hunger once gain

I see my stomach rumbling again and take another bite of the date

I see fruits falling off the tree and rolling towards me; a peach like fruit begins to talk, which startles me and says, you need to eat me, come on hurry up

I see myself smiling and reach out and tasting the fruit, it is moist and the juices flow inside me at every bite, I am intoxicated immediately, wow I say to myself

I see Jesus saying come on that is enough fruit; I get up immediately and with a cheeky grin and nod to myself

I see that I have finished

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi