SoS034 - The Expansion of my Energy


The Expansion of my Energy and merging with the Universal Consciousness

I see a path and Jesus smiles and embraces me, says that he is glad I am looking well

I see him touch my forehead and see him whispering something then blowing slowly in my direction

I see and feel it is a gentle scented like roses breath that comes my way

I see myself inhaling it and into my stomach, and instantly I feel an energy circulating in my stomach; it feels as though I am nourished and it is digesting this energy

I see a love inside increasing a desire to KNOW, to seek out and find things out, and my fears and judgements are fading away; A deeper part of me is awakening inside

I see and KNOW that my lower abdomen is opening up like a mouth and feel it is sending out energy

I see it coming out like coloured gas like clouds that slowly move away from my body and above

I see this cloud which is now multilayered and multicoloured getting wider and expanding

I see it merging with the clouds above and they too merge with this cloud

I see it expanding again and doubling in size and spreading; I know, that it is a signature of my DNA that is spreading to the world

I see it going over the horizon and going to parts of the world that need it most

I see my desire in me is back and I had another mission to complete, and feel wide awake and nod my head to approve of this energy
I see Jesus who moves forward and kisses my forehead and I close my eyes; I feel love inside, and have found someone inside of me that has manifested in my life, my surrounding and where I live too

I see it has now manifested into physical form and it is love as its core energy base and foundation

I see love taking over me and a new energy wave bursts through me tingling my body and giving me a shiver

I see myself being light headed and drunk, from this energy and see Jesus smiling and gently embracing me to balancing his energy inside

I see that my energy is coming back into balance and I am finding other senses which I did not know I had

I see that I have finished

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi