SoS033 - Incidents can simply drain


Incidents can simply drain the life forces out of you

I see a path and Jesus hurrying towards me and embrace me tightly to his chest; I know how you feel he says; the path is indeed not easy for the emotional body and incidents can simply drain the life forces out of you

I see him continue, let there be a sign and no judgement; let others BE

I see him say you are not alone in this path for the very reason I am guiding you, so wake that desire that has been so battered and walk with me

I see me and Jesus walk down the path holding my hand, until we come to a river crossing, but we walk through it to the other side

I see that we are in an open meadow with beautiful flowers every where the eye can see

I see Jesus say now absorb this scene into your body and consume it, smell the fragrances and see the beauty in Gods creation that no one can match

I see my sadness disappearing and a smile is beginning to broaden; I look around and every where new flowers were being created when I looked; as though creation was happening in my presence; I was witnessing a flower being born but in a speeded up version, not just one but multiples

I see Jesus says walk with me, and we walk along the meadow and I can feel the scents overcoming me and my body is lightened, a feel some of my burdens being lifted and an inner strength coming back to me

I see a Jesus sitting down and I follow his lead, still feeling a little dazed.

I see Jesus say; the last couple of days has to build the emotional body to an inner and deeper height dear Shazi; It may have taken some strength out of you and emotionally too, but it was needed so that you may further go where many have not gone before in your spiritual quest; The energies to be closer to God is indeed very strong and this incident was to bring you into alignment, so that you may indeed converse in greater lengths with the Creator; Your body and emotions will take several days for you to recover and be back to normal; but carry on regardless and simply except and be as possible.

I see him continue, people always make rash choices it is because they forget to their inner heart and converse; for many this is not possible as they lack any belief in themselves and simply do not believe in God; it is this latter part that man has lost there way, blaming each other instead of forgiving when it was needed; Even an enlightened soul can be wrong through greed and lust; this is because he has forgotten his foundational principles and simply reverts back to his ego and let that increase in him

I see Jesus continue, as long as man is in this zone of differing vibrations he can succumb to any kind of temptations so protect yourself and strengthen the connection through he soul and hurt not God’s Children; Be one with yourself and forgive each day yourself and others who have been misled by others

I see Jesus say, bathe in the scent of these flowers and immediately I feel a shower upon me of scented water bathing us together; Instantly I feel a tingle ripple through like a wave all over the body and within the cells; Smiling Jesus says now go and find oneself again, I understood dear one; He kisses me on the forehead and the scene changes immediately

I see that I have finished

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi