SoS032 - The bathing of fragrant oil


The bathing of fragrant oil and the blessing of Moses

I see a path and Jesus is wearing a robe and it is like a suit jacket but long and just above the ankles; The jacket buttons are in the middle and go all the way down; It is embroidered with precious stones and inlaid with pearl and golden thread

I see him greet me with an embrace; and says "aha your sight is increasing, soon you will be able to describe in detail; so carry on dear Shazi onto your path"

I see that I look around and there is a path that goes down and around it is inlaid with precious stones, like diamonds, rubies and many others; I keep looking down to admire the path, and then a voice reminds me to look up, so I do

I continue to walk down this beautiful path and until I come upon a row of trees on either side of the path; the path is still inlaid with precious stones; The trees remind me of pine trees, perhaps they are a family of them; I raise my hands to touch the leaves and they do indeed feel like trees; Then I notice in the middle of the trunk there is a hole and oozing out is syrup like texture liquid

I see myself touching it with my finger and it felt like oil and then I smell it; Its fragrance was a mixture of roses and pine, which was my favourite; I inhale deeply and feel it enter through the body; I feel my whole body is filled with this fragrance; I then notice it is coming out of my pours; I can smell it every where around my body and my skin

I see that the oil begins to stop coming out of my pours and I notice above that there are notices on the branches; No not notices but names, as I concentrate, there were many names but my eyes focused on one name and it was mine; I thought that was really unusual and strange; I look at the other trees and this was the only one; I raise my hand to pick the label with my name to have a closer look

I see that it was beautifully inscribed and reminded of old English scribed letterings of the past; My name was written in black ink but I could see gold and silver colours in between the black ink; Then it flew out of my hands and back onto the tree, like a gentle breeze had carried it there

I see the tree had thousands of branches and was the biggest of all of the trees; It branches swooped down like a canopy and was huge, towering many metres above me

I see a man appearing in the horizon walking towards me; He was tall and his posture was upright and walked with distinction; He had a beard and wore a similar long robe as Jesus; I realise that it is Moses from the land of the Pharaohs

I see myself having tears in my eyes and as he comes closer I could see his bluish eyes and noticed his kind and inviting face; I bow down in respect but he stops me from doing this and embraces me instead

I see him say, "hello Shazi, I have been waiting for you for a long time, and as soon as you have been thinking of me I came; It was your invitation that had made me come" I was speechless for a moment then I said indeed dear Moses you have been on my mind today

I see him continue; " the period of earth when I was there many things happened, but many things were also hidden away; But the most important thing is overcoming suffering in a person’s life and raising oneself to elevate the person within you; There is energy and deep insight into the words I am telling you Shazi, so think deeply what I am saying"

I see him continue; "the new Earth that is coming to pass is waking all the emotions inside a person and guiding them to a sublime personality filled with love for each other; The insight of man is suppressed by distractions; Only the individual person itself knows their own distraction from the path

I see him say; "there is not a need for one to ignore there inner message unique to their own personality; If we continue to deny our inner self then we deny ourself to the truth of all reality"
I see him say; "Shazi kneel down" so I kneel down and automatically I place my right hand on my heart and close my eyes; I hear him whisper some words or verses for a while and feel the gentle breeze of his breath over my hair; He continues reading verses and gently blows over my head

I see myself changing; I feel an inner fight happening inside, I feel restless and the need to scratch; This increased for a while then it slowly died and dissipated away; I was thankful inside and continued to stay in this position

I see and know that light was entering into my body and realised that his words were filled with light; He continued to blow over me and each time light would whizz round my body and then settle; The pain in my fingers I had early in my physical world was gone; I felt he was healing me and blessing me at the same time

I see him gently lifting me up and embracing me and saying, that will keep you busy for a while, now go with my blessing and trust; I can see a smile generated by his words and turn round to walk back

I see that I have finished

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi