SOS031 - The Golden Light


The Golden Light of the Creator

I see a path and it is golden with a stream of water flowing in the middle

I see it is so unusual and the stream is blue, but very blue shade

I see Jesus walking through the stream wearing sandals

I see that I too copy him and start to walk towards him, and then we embrace and give greetings

I see Jesus say; the Golden chakra is the portal that opens the consciousness of man into the Divine Light of the Creator; it is a flow that never ceases or it never finishes when it is open; The Golden chakra of light flows deep down and enters the deepest of all consciousness and in there is knowledge of all reality; for reality is truth and truth is awakening

I see him continue and now go down this path and see what others have seen in the past

I see myself walking down the path then after a few steps a bird flies past me and around; It is blue in colour and the size of a nightingale and in appearance too; It began to sing and a tune that penetrated deep into my ears and deep down; It was not harsh the sound but it was beautiful to hear and it made one so peaceful and want to hear more

I see myself admiring the bird until it flew into my hands and rested, it was not afraid and began to sing again but softly; The bird had blue feathers of different shades and a yellow beak with a navy blue tail; It looked into my eyes and I could see something into them

I see that I am staring into the eyes of the bird and I could another world in here eyes; it was like watching a scene of a film; I wondered what it could be, then immediately I was sucked into and was transported into this world

I see many trees and flowing rivers , it was like a garden; I thought could this be paradise
I see myself walking down the valley into an open ground filled with small colourful flowers of all shades of colours

I see myself praising its beautiful and I then sit on a stone and admire the fragrances of the flowers too

I see myself being amazed with the splendour and spectacular sight I have ever sign

I see that I am falling asleep at the peaceful sight, only to be woken up by a chirping sound of the blue bird I saw earlier

I see that I look up to see the sound and immediately I am back at the golden path

I see Jesus saying was that peaceful and kisses my forehead

I see him continue and now go to your own conscious thoughts and see what it ventures now

I see him embrace me tightly and I smile back

I see that I have finished

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi