SoS030 - Consciousness



‘This consciousness is like a fluid it flows into a vessel’

I see a path and Jesus calls me over a pool of water, I look down but walk across hesitantly, he says, this is consciousness; This consciousness is like a fluid it flows into a vessel and that vessel is you or me or anything; It has no restriction or anything stopping it; Like water it can be poured into a glass or we can pour it into a much larger container

I see him continue, consciousness is a birth of manifestations of thought; And this consciousness can be acquired or given to another by simply pouring it upon another; There is only one condition and that is if the person has the right container to hold this consciousness; Often people try to think they can pour water into a thin paper cup; But overtime the paper cup simply disintegrates and then the consciousness flows out

I see him say; if the vessel is strong then it can contain many about of consciousness of others, like Masters of the past who have lived on earth and other dimensions too; For consciousness is to be shared with all others whose vessel is strong enough to hold the water and the flow

I see him say, do you understand, I reply back and say yes, he continues; it is not the matter of being strong headed or being bold or tolerant but is the vessel strong enough to hold the water of consciousness; When a person has understood and the thinking becomes deeper into his own reality library, he begins the flow of consciousness into a deeper depth; This is the strength of the conscious holder; The in-depth he thinks the stronger the vessel of that person

I see him continue; this is open to all who wish to go down this route to reality and finding the secrets that is in there hearts waiting to be heard or read. The Creator never stopped anyone from learning or finding things out, for He never restricted this process; The consciousness flows in you and Me and with others who tune into my frequency; The more one thinks on Me the more the consciousness flows in him; So think of Me often and let my consciousness serve the interest that has been created in you

I see him continue and now go to your own conscious thoughts and see what it ventures now

I see him embrace me tightly and I smile back

I see that I have finished

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi