SoS029 - Thoughts



Thoughts; they originate from your own creative source through the heart

I see a path and Jesus is walking along to greet me with a hug and a smile

I see him say, do you wonder where thoughts originate, and I reply yes will like to find out; Then so be it, Jesus replied back

I see instantly everything has changed, the sky was not there or the path, there was nothing but darkness all around; I feel scared for a moment but realised that I should be brave, I tell myself

I see nothing for a while then all of a sudden I see sparks, no not sparks but like lightning across the sky, then another and another;  My insight was telling me it was not lightning but energy that was being created; The nothingness was the background of empty thoughts; In other words a person being silent and as soon as thinking takes place an energy flow is created

I see myself still looking and letting my higherself give me the answers as I stood observing the flow of energy; I thought to myself what is thought and why do we actually think?

I see myself standing and watching all around then, a voice continues in my head and says, reality is life and the connection with reality is thinking; The process of connection and simply BE~ing is the process of living; When a person lives and takes part in an action or participates in reality or in any dimension then that connection is reality; We begin to observe as and immediately we think; Thinking is necessary for the connection to BE to connect to participate and live

I see myself continue, without this there is nothing and nothing is no existence in any realm of existence; then there is no reality for that person; Thinking makes the person participate and play out the scenes of there own existence, through developing thoughts and then actions by that person

I see myself continuing to look and then it continues; this is your mind you are in, the processes of energy is your own and as you see the multiple currents are flowing as you are participating in an action; They originate from your own creative source through the heart that initiates are demand to KNOW; When knowing becomes critical the energy is formed and the flow gives birth; When birth happens then multiple births of energy give way to an action taking place; Many processes of thinking takes place depending upon that person;

I see and listen inattentively; as you watch all around the processes are happening and there is one source you have not considered as yet; That is the primary source of all energy; the giver is your Creator; For He gives permission to all processes to happen, and birthing energies to manifest, inside the mind; There is nothing like this process

I see myself thinking and trying to make reason with the words said and at the same time watch a show of energies taking place above my head, which by now can say to be similar to fireworks display

I see myself realising that the mind and its thinking process was difficult to understand but gladly seeing it made me happy

I see myself coming back to my path

I see that I have finished

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi