SoS028 - The Journey into Space


The Journey into Space to See the Stars of Wisdom

I see a path paved in stone; it is gold in colour, well a shade of gold, like paved stones

I see Jesus coming and we greet with an embrace

I see him point in a direction, and I nod to say I understand and walk down

I see a cloud come down from the blue sky and I continue to focus on it

I see it is coming towards me and I stand still to wait

I see it is Iqramus my ten foot tall guide from before

I see him come down from the cloud and embrace me

I see myself getting inside the cloud which was completely bare or nothing inside, as soon as I thought this, a seat to sit on appears, I then sit down

I see myself being whisked away in a hurry and inside a whirling portal

I see myself asking Iqramus where we are going, he says by the command of Jesus, I am to show you the stars, and I nod my head and sit back in my seat

I see that we approach space but like no other as it is full of colours from in all directions

I see myself asking, I thought the space was dark and with little light, to which he replies only to those who cannot see and those who have tuned their eyes

I see in amazement that all the stars had a particular colour and it was like there own unique finger print; as I concentrate on one star I see that they contain knowledge inside their own colour

I see and continue to look, that the star was a planet filled with knowledge and each planet had wisdom, this was my insight, and it was telling me this
I continue to concentrate and be silent to hear further the wisdom from my mind

I see myself listening as a voice was heard in my mind; the planet was a library and each inhabitant was a student of this library and they can easily access this knowledge; And that every star or planet had a particular vibration unique to their own people, this included Earth

I see myself being showered with wisdom from all sides as if it was being downloaded inside my head; I feel that it is being manifested and absorbed inside my cells and mind and that their was an opening too of my cells to embrace the knowledge or light

I see myself going back down and on to the path I came from

I see myself embracing Iqramus and getting of the cloud

I see there is a ruby given to me as a gift, I embrace to say thank you and soon the cloud is gone

I see myself looking deeply at the ruby and admiring it

I see that I have finished

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi