SoS027 - The Pearl


The Pearl, The Heart of God

I see a path and Jesus is walking towards me and embraces

I see him say, empty your mind of the day and release what is not needed here

I see him say follow the path, so I walk down

I see the path is longer then usual and I cannot see the end

I see it is straight and feel as though it goes on forever

I see telling myself that this is still short as many things have happened on my other journeys; then I remember Jesus saying to empty my mind and stop that thought and look forward for another adventure, forgetting everything

I see immediately a pearl on the path, it is the size of a dinner plate; I thought wow, it is so big. I wondered if I could keep it but how would I carry it; I go down to pick it up with both hands; It has a weight but nothing heavy, just right to carry

I see myself looking at the pearl, which had shades of all the colours, shimmering in the light, but white in colour; Then I noticed a colour then another and another, I had not seen before; They were not of the rainbow colours or any shade either, this was unusual

I see myself trying to make out what shade it is, but realised that this was not of this dimension I live in

I see myself stumble back as the pearl opens up, it shocks me, and I nearly drop it

I see lights flying out in all directions, it was a continuous and rhythmic flow, and it reminds me of a wave; The light continued going in all directions; I look up and around and see where it all went; But it seemed as though no direction had been left

I see the light too was a pearl colour and had other colours in its wake

I see that I am awe struck and can’t believe what I had found, then I here the voice of Jesus calling me back

I see myself looking around in the direction of the voice and then looking back at the pearl which had disappeared, I walk back in an instant to see Jesus waiting for me

I see him say, you were the only one dear one who could unlock the secret of the inner wisdom of the pearl; it is yours for the keeping

I see him continue, your are to enrich the minds of millions of the secrets which has unfolded and is slowly being manifested in your inner core heart; Mankind has repeatedly asked for new wisdom, so your are to deliver a new insight; We have strengthened you with the help in this task

I see him ask, what is in the pearl, Oh Jesus

I see him say, when man realises he is nothing but light and that light is from the Divine Creator who made all things and that all things belong to one source; This source is an energy and an infinite consciousness that grows every second and never dissipates or wastes away; In this consciousness is the Divine message and wisdom of the Heart of God; The pearl signifies the Heart of God

I see him continue, inside is a wisdom never seen by man before and you are to deliver this message and at the same time we have strengthened you in this task; Be one and be in trust as you are being helped, so go and deliver the message

I see myself smile and once again I am embraced and felt all my problems and emotions that had pulled me down have disappeared

I see that I have finished

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi