SoS026 - Divide not what


Divide not what not needs to be Divided

I see a path and Jesus is waiting at a distance and beckoning me to come to him

I see a path but it is covered in mud and look up to Jesus, hoping he would rid the muddy path; he waves to gestures to show that it is nothing; reluctantly I walk through the mud and walk towards him

I see myself constantly being sucked in and my shoes were getting stuck each time

I see Jesus say, take of your shoes; and I thought what advice is this. I reluctantly take my shoes off, instantly the path changes to grass
But it like no other grass, I look around and se that the muddy path has disappeared and replaced with a grass path

I see myself walking towards him all relaxed and thankful. I could feel the comfort of walking on this path, which was easier

I see Jesus say, which path did you prefer, the muddy path or the grass

I see myself replying, the grass one

I see Jesus say, the path may have been muddy and unwelcoming, but there is no difference to the grassy path; for there are many who have chosen this path as their own
The Muddy path is indeed a difficult path to walk through, but the end result is that they all lead to ME, if that is their desire

I see him continue, Man has made choices for himself, yet their path at times become difficult and more difficult; but we should remember that if we rid the difficult concept and hardship from our minds, then there is no difference, It is only our minds that amplify the difficulty

I see him continue; Man should accept his choices and be at peace at what choices he has made
As soon as he transfers thoughts to his mind which makes him unsettled then every path becomes muddy

I see him say, no matter what circumstance one is in; he may be rich with wealth of money and material goods, yet if he is restless then his path is muddy
They see him continue, smile when there is no need to smile, accept when there is no need to accept, give when there is no need to give, share when there is no need to share, be patient when there is no need to be patient and remember to listen in silence during these thoughts and enlightened words

I see him say, really there is one path, but we divide it into so many paths as we exercise our free will
But they all lead to ME, if you desire or the Lord Creator for he is the Master of all Universes and Knowledge combined

I see him say divide not what not needs to be divided; now send these words to all of mankind for them to contemplate and be all at peace

I see that I have finished

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi