SoS025 - The Two Minds


The Two Minds and the Golden Shower

I see a path and Jesus is waiting for me and greets me with a hug and says, remember always that your heart is the true mind and what you do in your life the heart will respond

I see Jesus continuing to say, when the time will come and the two minds of Man, the heart and mind then all will understand, The gap in the beginning there was none, but due to desires of money and greed we separated our minds

Now there is confliction in everyone, where one mind pulls the other for control or dominance, each one saying it is me who is right

I see Jesus saying; there should be no gap through to the spirit and soul, when a gap occurs then we remain unsure during that period; as soon as we connect then we begin to understand

So divert not to your own targets and believe in yourself every step of the way in your life

As we believe in you

I see myself walking down the path, and remembering what Jesus said

I see a waterfall in front of me and a Jesus’ voice saying now shower and be cleansed

I see myself taking my clothes off and walking into the waterfall, instantly I can feel the tingling all over the body

The cool water was soothing my mind and I feel so relaxed

I see myself rubbing my hair and washed my face, the water changed colour to gold

It was a sparkly gold and it was shimmering in the light

I see myself turning gold and it sticking to my skin, and my hair too

I see myself turning completely gold, the skin, hair and feet were all gold, I begin too laugh and admired myself

I see the water change back to its colourless and the gold washed away quickly, leaving my skin with a hint of gold everywhere I looked

I see Jesus, saying now comeback; so I step out of the waterfall and grab my clothes

I see that my clothes had disappeared and see instead a graduation robe; I look around and see where they could be, then realise I meant to change into robe

I see myself walking back and Jesus is their waiting

I see Jesus saying, choices are not wrong in life, but it is ones denial from the mind, that is wrong

We deny, we make ourself unsure, we err, we damn, we hate, we implore, we distaste and we deny again; each day when there is no need

I see him continuing; balance of the mind and harmony is seeing all the fear and worry and accepting it as part of a cycle of Man and at the same time accepting it as part of ones life

But this does not mean we want man to suffer, NO; but mans suffers himself when he circulates his thoughts over and over again

He sees himself as a circle going round and round, and getting no where. This is because he has not let go of that thought

I see his say, this is denial, when letting go is necessary and not being thinking of one thought and being stuck

We have given an example, so deny not what is in the front, the side, behind you and ahead of you; for they are all part of your existence

I see him say release your mind from ones torment, release and me free, do not drain your energy in one thought or worry

I see him continue, make plans and make an effort to carry out each plan to perfection, then see the result multiply

The Lord has given much to man, but waste not in greed

I see him kiss my forehead, and instantly I become balanced inside, peacefulness is expressed in my mind and I soon release that I feel completely cleansed

I see him continue; all mankind are in denial and conflict with their mind and the thoughts; once this is balanced and understood, then all will ascend into their own directive paths

So let them find themselves and guide those who listen

I see that I have finished

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi